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  1. 0:42. Does anyone else see the Stone of Jas..?
  2. I only made it 85-89 con. I've been away all weekend after only managed a couple of hours very early this morning.. Oh well. I guess i'll do a few games of SC.
  3. C&P from Pictures thread... But basically I loved untrimmed HP cape. It was nice, and I thought, why not get as far as I can without leveling anything else to 99? So.. at 17.8m HP xp, FINALLY I got another 99, and another, and another, and another, and another. PM's galore thanks to this new announcement system.. :lol: Good day: Summoning 98 [hide][/hide] Prayer 96 & 137 Untrimmed HP Cape [hide][/hide] Sniped after getting 137. [hide][/hide] Ranged 99 [hide][/hide] Attack 99 [hide][/hide] Strength 99 [hide][/hide] Defence 99 [hide][/hide] Magic 99 [hide][/hide] 5 Flashies [hide][/hide]
  4. Good day: Summoning 98 [hide][/hide] Prayer 96 & 137 Untrimmed HP Cape [hide][/hide] Sniped after getting 137. [hide][/hide] Ranged 99 [hide][/hide] Attack 99 [hide][/hide] Strength 99 [hide][/hide] Defence 99 [hide][/hide] Magic 99 [hide][/hide] 5 Flashies [hide][/hide]
  5. As luck would have it i'm away for the ENTIRE BXP Weekend.. Leaving work on the friday at 5pm and don't get home till 10pm on the sunday... :lol: doh!!
  6. It cost me £70 for my first bleach. At first it didn't take that well cause my hair is naturally quite dark and the ends were dyed brown so they went a bit yellow/orange. But then when I went to get it re-done it went really bright! That was £50 i think. Tip: Get a really really good conditioner. Otherwise your hair will turn to straw. Always worth chatting to a decent hair salon about getting it done. It's quite drastic, my scalp was a mess for a couple of weeks after the first bleach.
  7. Went blonde! (white) Somewhere in Madrid..
  8. Whatever it's called, it really sucks ass!!! Ever since the Bot Nuke i've had to play on the lowest of low graphics to get Runescape playable. After this Troll Warzone i'm down to a constant 3-4 fps no matter where I am. I can't do any "high risk" activities because I simply can't react fast enough. Even things like taking items out of my bank! I click on an air rune, move my mouse over to another rune and it takes out the one in-between them!
  9. Can't get past one of the cutscenes... So... Yeh great work Jagex.
  10. Working 9-5 GMT sucks when the release good stuff. I'll be like.. 5/6 hours behind everyone else!
  11. Just about to hit 85 cons, not even at 2x yet.. Need to get 1 agility level, and then I think i'll go for some hunter levels.. At least up to 74 for the herblore habitat thingy.
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