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  1. Thanks! Got 93 dungeoneering today Decided to get an Anti-poison totem since I want to train my thieving at pyramid plunder Quite happy with this, got 2 out of my 5 yew seeds back last trip :D All I'm gonna do now is Farm and Thieving, bit tired of all the dungeoneering!
  2. Thanks. And yes that's right, made this topic at the wrong moment, just before I quit for about 3-4 months. (Nowadays I'm back into runescape but I'm not as addicted as some months/years ago, gaming more on my ps3 etc (trophy hunter)) But this is still useful to keep track of my levels, drops, clues etc :) Anyways, yesterday I got my 3rd chaotic. Maul for tds/wfs and bandos anti-crash Went bandos to test it and got this drop lol (no other drops) Did some penguins today, runecrafting all the way! And Finally, another 90! That yew seed (scroll of life) was the first in 50 yews... Really sad! I still have 40 yews and 23 papaya's. After those trees I wont be buying yew/magics or palm/papayas because I'm going to save some cash for construction. I'll be using my willow/maple and pineapple trees to continue farming. And ofcourse herbs! Got 1102 snapdragons (7.18m) out of 117 seeds (1.45m). Selling torstols everyday to buy new seeds, I sell the snapdragon herbs right after they announce the next bonus xp weekend.
  3. Decided to do this floor with some randoms, like always we took our time. But I got 92 dg And this elite... :(
  4. Sorry for offtopic but your avatar gives me so much memories! It's from Banjo Kazooie right? Damn man, great times. Now those were games!!!!
  5. Picked up this old topic, going to use it now to keep track of my last 96 levels. Currently training: Farming, Thieving, Dungeoneering. Bought this a couple days ago for farming (herb seeds are snapdragon and torstol) If I do 5-6 herb trips a day, I break even with my trees, even when I use palm/magic. So next week I'll use palm/magic
  6. Very nice topic, great stats for a DIY'er; I love reading stuff about DIY and watching your (and others') progress of DIY'ing. I would like to try it myself but since I'm too high leveled on my main I can't see myself starting a whole new account while I could max my main. Best of luck and keep going.
  7. If you can make it to the last 1k you must be god
  8. Pretty strange rates here, and gtfo his private. It's private for something (unless you screen it. o.) 7/10 good combat stats + like someone else said: do only stuff what you want to do. Training something because you "must" train something is NOT enjoying the game.
  9. Jagex might close down runescape for a month, now THAT is breaking news
  10. Yes it should include everything that is possible in this game. Like the best chompy bird hat, best castle wars armour, all minigames maxed So yes, also shattered heart and all the champions.
  11. Can someone explain me the 3 random events that occur? I only understand one of them and it's the obvious one -She gets attacked by a suqah...
  12. No idea what you are talking about mate. Ontopic: Lagg, obviously
  13. pls stop with these silly threads look at japan
  14. Don't know him either? Looks like he isn't that important
  15. It's great xp though... Made a mithril sword, took like 40 seconds and gave me 4900 smithing xp at 90% perfection. However, sold all my ores with some profit because I'm already 99 smith
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