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  1. In rsc, you started out with 1,000 hp xp, and accounts that didn't ever train it still have that low of xp. They then reworked the xp system for rs2, so that made lvl 10 what it is today, and left them at level 9. In other words, really really rare account from along time ago. :thumbsup:
  2. lol thanks heaps hun ilu lmao, nice drop too both of them lmao, wish i was as lucky as u are. =) Ily u 2 :) lol and thanks :P
  3. Hey guys back from 2 weeks of Non tiffing :( lol Got this 7/4/09 And not long after Cough {500 Dry Kills} KBD HEADS! lol Yeah :) nice to be back too . Oh i'd also like to thank Urik , Lrak , Mas .
  4. That has nothing to do with what we are discussing. We are discussing if there WILL or WILL NOT be a firemake X option.. To be honest I thought a person with such years on this Forum will have known to read the actually question before randomly posting and chucking a spaz about it.
  5. Why did you blur your name out Lady? :o Grats though I didn't notice I blurred the whole chat box :oops: Anyways, for all you doubters out there: You did answer my question on the last page lol Do people sell 3a in ge now?
  6. If you study more about skills you will realize its possible to go pass level 99 but there will be no level difference, For example if you ask a person (Preferably with a Earning skill Strength, Woodcut Etc) who has over 50M Exp in it, they will most certainly tell you that they can hit higher then any person with 13m Exp. Also a person can get up to level 126 in a skill (200M Exp) but the level still showing 99. Jagex must have some sort of calculation because the old Max combat level is 126 and that is being at 99 in all Combat skills, So if you had 200M in all combat skills you would most probably be somewhere around level 152 if not more (Taking into consideration that 4 Combat Stats = 1 Combat level). : EDIT- I was beaten a couple pages ago CBA to read :lol: Hope I cleared things up though EDIT2- Also I'd also like to tell SwiftKit users there is a special ability in the high scores utility allowing you to see Exp to level 100 (Skill here) etc going all the way up to 126. Just look up Enrix E B and his look at his range level.
  7. People will deffo pay up to 2-5M for an upgrade, I would who else wouldnt..? Its mining the (IMO) the most horrendous skill to train in the game decides RC :lol: .
  8. lol? are you okay, went a bit overboard I assume. How do you Runecraft X lol... its a one click process, and same with Woodcut but agility, slayer and farming has nothing to do with the X's. :wall: :wall: :wall:
  9. Holy.. How the [Cabbage]???? People sell 3a in GE?? *Puts in 130m worth of GP for 3a in GE* EDIT- Just put in 2 Offers for Max 3a Legs, and 3a Range top lol :lol: Gonna leave it there till I get em!
  10. Congratz I didnt know your tip it account was Saradomin_Mage lol.. <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->
  11. Isnt there a Post treasure trail reward on the other forum!?!?!?
  12. Man... Never had one of them... Make it into a pet! i havnt seen one yet! Dont think there is a Kurask Pet. there is,you gotta feed it bones though I stand corrected =D>
  13. No effort = No Pride, Respect Etc you name it lol..
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