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  1. I'm confused now man... I thought that the WDB account was the real POKEY? I mean if it was, you'd remember that i was a perm mute too, an really.. Mod friends? Are ya kiddin me :lol: If you were the real POKEY you'd have remembered that when we were fighting eachother in the wilderness we'd have a 4-way MSN convo open between You, Me, Sue and Amer bchin at one another because 3 of the 4 were mutes :XD: Obviously it was more difficult for me to reply and kill you than it was for you because you'd just set your auto going whereas i'd have to really work at it :lol: ive been trying to tell you guys that farazlol is the real pokey. Is that you eric, my gawd i remember you son, x meet x auto ranging for days at sewer rats :roll: And you auto cought all the time.. even though, you were cool once ;)
  2. sig type: Animated abstract Clan Signature main colour: red/black other colours font evil looking text Resurrected Pures subtext You cant kill whats already dead (animated to) Click to Join render none size 320x130
  3. http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/5837 ... 6jyhe2.jpg
  4. http://planetrenders.net/renders/albums ... bow6jy.png
  5. render. http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... at=0&pos=1 color that will make the render look good. size - 130x300 name on it - I L1K3 R4NG3 subtext - Resurrected Pures Thanks mate :)
  6. sig type: abstract main colour: baclk, green, yellowish other colours font any youthinks cool text I L1K3 R4NG3 subtext Resurrected pures render http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... at=0&pos=7 size 350x130 many thanks
  7. Thanks mate, its perrrrrrrfect :thumbsup: Any spare time you have, you can always make me more for a random image just like yours! Thats if your not busy ofcoarse :P
  8. Waht do you mean? Can you make it silver, black and gold then please? with matching text :oops: I decide the colors from the render Cool, i knwo you'll make a sexy one ;)
  9. Waht do you mean? Can you make it silver, black and gold then please? with matching text :oops:
  10. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f142/ ... archer.jpg :oops:
  11. http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... at=0&pos=7 Sorry :oops:
  12. Kind: sig Style: abs Size: default 300x19x10kb> 330x130 Render/Stock picture: http://planetrenders.net/renders/albums ... archer.jpg Colors: black, green,yellowish B/W? erhm :? Text color: yellow, green, black Text: I L1K3 R4NG3 Subtext: Resurrected Pures Border yes please Brushes you want to be in the sig: whats fits Other stuff: <...> n/a Font wish: anything Other message: Runemesta
  13. I would like torun a random image so i would like some signatures, they wouldnt be used on this forum, jsut my clan one. since its for my pures name. id like anything relaited to a archer/ranger render at teh size of 300x130, with "I L1K3 R4NG3" on it and Resurrected Pures underneath the name, i will be truly greatful for anyone who could do this for me :) -Jake
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