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  1. i have to cook all the food, yum yum. also im going to the hospital with my girlfriend to visit my 2 day old cousin
  2. i tried using searck, but once again i couldnt find the answer i was seeking. I think search is helpless to me, i think it should find a title with all your words in it and not jsut some. of course this is my opinion and i could be wrong
  3. how do i make an animated sig?
  4. who has some more ideas? i vote for the black hole. of course this is my opinion and i could be wrong.
  5. i like the idea of alternate solution to banning.
  6. this is way too much to punish users.
  7. djb04

    check this out

    wouldnt u think they would want their images out there with credit to them. This might intice some more players, other than hoarding all the images on their website.
  8. tattoos would require great attention to detail. i dont know if they would even consider it. Its a nice idea but i, personally, dont like the idea. But then again thats my opinion and i could be wrong.
  9. djb04

    check this out

    sorry dude, you should get your vision back within the next two weeks.
  10. djb04

    check this out

    Yeah, u can look at it as a joke, sorta. Well a global mod named peter told me that if i dont change my sig, they will. He said that jagex doesnt want anything ascociated with rs in peoples sigs. So, why am i the only one that cant have a rs picture?
  11. This is good...but one improvement...a 3 day lock down isnt as effective as a 3 day ban so it should be longer
  12. check out my sig! tell me what u think about it all
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