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  1. thanks coolgirl15! your name is now on the credit list twice more pictures from anyone will be appreciated
  2. the completion of temple of ikov is a prerequisite in order to start desert treasure so in other words, yes
  3. thank you i'll add that right now use earth bolt/blast
  4. same as now i basically quit after finish desert treasure
  5. yeah thanks.... TO EVERYONE: i quit RS about 4 months ago
  6. trade away my purple for a rune long... (a few years ago), i should've kept it so i could've gotten like a 40mil profit... nevermind i got hacked afteri sold it... nevermind
  7. luck... 1. 1st dragon leg drop after killing 30 steels 2. obsidian shield after killing 23 of those lvl 144 stuff 3. 2nd dragon leg drop after killing 1 steel so i killed about a total of 31 steel dragons, with about 2k chaos... and got 5.4mil... i consider myself pretty lucky and also merchanting
  8. yo thats f**ked up, if they don't let you tell people about tip.it, they why do they support tip.it as a fansite?
  9. bumping up my awesome guide for people to use
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