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  1. I don't know how rich you are or what your defence level is but if they are both low, I would strongly suggest training at men in Edgeville. There's a building right next to the bank with around 7 men in it and they drop bones. You might think, what use are bones? Well, they sell for 70+ gp each and with a bank nearby it's a great way to get both exp and money at low levels. I personally got 94 ranged in f2p and I have another ranged/mage pure with 62 ranged. Both exp and cash rates are much lower than you'll get from minotaurs since you won't have to run back and forth from safespot. I would say you train here untill you're 40 ranged and can wear d'hide.
  2. Hi, My name is Ruler David (on RS that is :P ) and I'd like to know how I should train ranged. I have only recently become p2p and I'd like to know now what the best places are to train ranged. Experience is more important to me than money but naturally money is very welcome :) I've been thinking about fire giants and might eventually chin my way to 99 but for now I'd like to know the best way to train ranged without chinning. If possible, I would greatly appreciate it if you could also tell me the experience/hour and the money made/hour. Thanks in advance.
  3. Good fight, Godz. It was a very intense battle and I'm looking forward to a rematch ;) If only we didn't have 3 people (120+ cb each) who lagged out :( PS: We also had 2 members under 100 combat :P
  4. Sorry, I ony discussed the different combat styles against each other, not the individual attack style. Btw, this guide does show that ranged and mage pures are stronger than strength pures because pures rely dolely on offence.
  5. Yes, it is but in this guide I'm only talking about absolute offence for people around the same combat level. This guide doesn't really deal with how you get it, it only deals with the end result ;)
  6. Sorry, made this guide in the wrong forum. Could a moderator please move it to the oher guides section?
  7. Which combat style is the strongest (f2p) Introduction: A long time ago, I held an experiment to prove what attack style was the strongest. The styles I've tested were: rune scimitar, rune battleaxe, adamant arrows on rapid, fire blast. I'd have optimum bonus every time. At the time my combat skills were the following: -Melee: attack and strength both 58 (equivalent of 77,33 ranged/magic in combat levels) -Ranged: 71 -Magic: 70 Because my attack and strength were higher, you can add 10% extra to the times of all melee times. I tested my experiment versus both ankous of level 82 who are unarmoured and white knights of level 42 who are armoured. I'd kill 5 or 10 of these with each combat style and I'd start timing from the first blow I'd hit untill the last blow I'd hit. When I had done that 5 or 10 times with each style, I'd calculate the average of the times. I had also asked 102makro (she had 99 strength and 85 attack at the time) to repeat my experiment with just the rune battleaxe and scimitar to see whether difference in strength and attack level would make rune battlaxe better. Results: I'll list the average times of each combat style here: Myself versus level 82 ankous: -Rune battleaxe: 51,3 seconds (56,4 with extra 10%) -Rune scimitar: 44,4 seconds (48,8 with extra 10%) -Fire blast: 31,2 seconds -Adamant arrows: 27,3 seconds Myself versus level 42 white knights: -Rune battleaxe: 52,8 seconds (58,1 with extra 10%) -Rune scimitar: 38,5 seconds (42,3 with extra 10%) -Adamant arrows: 24,0 seconds -Fire blast: 20,6 seconds 102makro versus level 82 ankous: -Rune battleaxe: 31,3 seconds -Rune scimitar: 16 seconds 102makro versus level 42 white knights: -Rune battleaxe: 22,5 seconds -Rune scimitar: 13,5 seconds Conclusion: When it comes to offensive power, ranged is vastly superior to melee. At these levels magic is also superior but that can change as your combat level goes up. Against armour, magic has a very clear advantage over the rest because it just goes through the armour. A rune battlaxe is also clearly inferior to a rune scimitar. Whether the difference between attack and strength is high or low, a rune battleaxe stays far behind when it comes to killing speed. Therefore, you should never use a battleaxe. This guide doesn't show which combat style is the best, it only shows which has the highest offensive power. For pures however, it does show what combat style is most powerful. Since pures rely solely on offence, ranged and mage pures are stronger than strength pures. In a direct dm without koeing, ranged and mage pures will terefore beat melee pures. Melee pures however can ko better than rangers and mages, that's an advantage to them. Endword: I hope you find this information usefull and I hope you enjoyed it. At the time I made this experiment mostly for personal use and I do not plan to repeat this with more weapons. If you want more weaponry tested, you'll have to do it yourself ;) Special thanks to 102makro for helping me with the results!
  8. Someone in my clan got this idea for transferring money. It doesn't help for items though.
  9. Well, the guide isn't very detailed but it does the job. One thing you want to change though: your f2p ranged equipment. I myself am an f2p ranger with 89 ranged and the rune legs as equipment aren't really good. If you want to go for high defence, rune chain is better because it will still get you a +49 ranged bonus and 140+ def bonusses. besides that, for training, killing fast is often more important than surviving long because it increases the experience per hour. Therefore green dragonhide body is better too. Also: extreamly = extremely and guid = guide (just a few typos) Third, the emoticons look funny but they look very unprofessional. Removing them would probably be better (except the rune and chain, they look good) Well, you said yourself it's a small guide so there's no need to say it could be more detailed. 6/10 in my opininon, 7 if you update language.
  10. Well, I'm not really sure... I like mostly willow comp bow, skull sceptre, bluerite sword (got 4 of those \ ), rubber chicken and scythe (don't have that :() If I'm going to pick any of those, I think it'd be the willow comp bow though, mostly because I'm a ranger ;)
  11. nah, we mopped the floor with everyone. this was alotta fuin, despite the bsers. i piled some ppl, got like 7 kills, then headed home. on the way i spotted a lvl 92 in full rune, said he had couple sets of rune on him, so i attacked. i pwned him while stll in my steel, and he teleied so i kept walking, and saw a lvl 96 girl in rune. she ran to hillies, where i was promptly piled, and died. :D however, i heard protect item kick in right before i dided, ftw! then i went to lumy bank, saw someone drop full rune, i got the legs and kite :thumbsup: that is my story, see ya'll next year! RSC did infact let you win. They did not do the same thing they did last year. Last year there clans came to defend. This year not one member from any clan showed up....They had 100 people or less that were below 100 combat. I doubt it, RV didn't really show any interest in this at all. We all joined in on a different team. Heck I owned over 30 tip.it....And then I switched to my new to try it out. Heck I got 16 of you. With the steel helms and scimmys to prove it. A lvl 54 pure killed 16 people? Bud thats what I call bad.... Also, I doubt you'd ever stand a chance against the WW4 fight they had. It had a bigger turnout than this and it was chaotic. You guys had Zero organization what so ever and you all split up thus leading to killing eachother. If you'd use the piling then you wouldn't have Bsing and what not. In my opinion if this was a contest for who would have won a war if all rules and guidelines to a war were followed. I bet RV would have won. Unlike Tip.it RV had piles going around. (Leader)(DD of people following) RV did: Spammed a name til he was KO'ed. No one broke off. All players followed the leader of there pile. They worked together and tanked well. They used there obsticles to hook the players following and RV would KO them. Tip.it did: Spammed names until a group got them. Broke off and went wild. Bs'ed there own team. Accused others of Cape switching..... Ran wild. Did not tank/do anything well.. In conclusion, Your practice mustn't have taught people to pk. It must have been organized by someone that doesn't know how to led a war.... Anyway, Just my little tid-bit. Also, Dark_Blade75 aren't you an ex-Rver? and RVA'er? If you'd like to know when the next is drop me a PM on RV or talk to Dustin from RV. RVN: `Tyler Just a small question. Are you a really bad or extremely bad loser? Tip.it won by a long shot. The reason RV was better organised was mainly because RV had next to people people to organize. Tip.it might not have been very organised in fighting but we really did win very easily. If there was another large site that was well organised, you could have given this argument but there wasn't Also, you say you killed 46 people and have the proof in full helms. That means: -you must have worn a green cape, otherwise you'd be killed immediately -if you didn't bank it's impossible to have that proof since you can't store 46 steel full helms in inventory. I don't mean to flame or anything but I don't like this kind of nonsence... Also, next MSSW our clan will just fight as a clan instead of as the tip.it site. Much easier since everyone knows the leader, sees green dots on radar and with 20 people, victims still die quite fast :P
  12. Well, mostly I'd like to say, congratulations to tip.it for winning :D We were quite superior to the other sites :P Here's a pic of what remained after the war: There's one thing I'd like to add though. There were far too many backstabbers I got killed by tip.it twice while I was wearing green cape! First I spammed a guy who wasn't wearing a cape and got piled for it myself. Second time someone accused me of bsing while I was just following a guy of my clan..... So I died twice only because of some people in tip.it... I saw Dbzruler got bsed multiple times too... Besides that, the war owned :P
  13. Clan Vindication at your service! Let's own some sites, RSC in particular :P They're cowardly teaming up against us though, lol (4 of 6 sites have an alliance).
  14. Well, I'm f2p and I've always been f2p and I'm a ranger. There's one thing I wonder though. How did I ever get an uneven ranged and attack exp? Ranged gives 4exp per hp (2 for longrange) and a genie gives 10 times the level so I don't have a clue how I got that. I currently have 4 209 259 ranged exp and 273 751 attack exp. Does anyone know?
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