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  1. Hello. I am... looking for a signature to be made! Name: Ryan Text: Anything like the picture below Colors: Trash like as shown in the picture... same colors Other Info: I'd like the "face" in the picture in the left... then the name on the right. It would also be cool if you put in a fade effect in the left corner... as if it were sucking in the picture. Pic: Thanks
  2. Yeah.. having real trouble finding a combination to get it. Have been trying for 2 hours now, so if anyone could help, thanks.
  3. That looks great as well. Was going to say to get rid of the 98+ combat thing to. ^_^
  4. Alright, thanks man And what I mean by a "shine is that like the top of the words are darker, the middle section of the letter\words are lighter, and dark again on the bottom of the letters, like in Sylva's shop(Mwg131's sig) But if you can't, darkening the bg is still good
  5. Looks great! Don't know if you could, but could you put a "shine" on the words, and make the background a bit darker\with black. One final request. :P
  6. Looks Great. Can you add on the bottom left corrner 98+ Combat? And maybe color in Team Choco? Thanks.
  7. I use it to do random stuff. :D (aaand, for friend's team of course.)
  8. Hello. I am looking for someone who can make a banner\logo for my team. :D Name: Team Choco Text: ^ something like that? Colors: I'd like the text Brown, and the background greyish Border:Yes, a black one. Other: Would like it 800-850 x 150 Thanks.
  9. As I Lay Dying - Control is Dead As I Lay Dying - Confined As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights
  10. God Forbid - Chains of Humanity Ill Nino - I Am Loco
  11. The Enemy - Static X Start A War - Static X I'm The One - Static X The Only - Static X My Curse - Killswtich Engage Still Beats Your Name - Killswitch Engage Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage Even more I thought of! :D
  12. Nice hacks at barrows. (Jking) Anyways, gl on future goals And: What version of CS you play? I play 1.6, Source, and CZ. :)
  13. And Sadness Will Sear - Trivium To The Fallen Hero - God Forbid Ascendancy - Trivium The Rising - Trivium The Illusionist - Scarr Symmetry Yeah.. any Trivium song from the album The Crusade would fit fine. :)
  14. This guide helped me ALOT. It seems very easy w/o guthans, it's just the fact of how many bolt racks I should bring. (I use X-Bow.) Anyways, nice guide.
  15. I found some more: Ill Nino - All I Ask For Bullet for my Valentine - Room 409 Bullet for my Valentine - Four Words to Choke Upon In Flames - Black & White Rise Against - Waiting to Fall (I think) Slipknot - Vermillion Metallica - Hero of the Day
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