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  1. Lmao, 5 frogs in 4 hours cooking and like 15+ Dr Yerkills (15 str pots) :roll:
  2. Bosna I Hercogovina Was Goooood, Finland owns to lmao :lol: (Serious laughed my [wagon] off irl when i saw finland ) :P I Live in holland (Dutch) Omfg they sucked! :x Even my grandma can sing better then them, The songtext from holland is like: rankn9wdnmksodn ajojsdoijsoiajdoiasjd DIOSJAIODSJOISAJ SDIOJAOIPSDIOJSkdjsjdosj Siojdoi Or something omg! :cry:
  3. LOl u ppl dont even know the random tricks? Oo I got: Camo had, Camo legs, Forrester top, Full mime, All mime emotes, Full zombie and full frog.. 8) There is a trick to get randoms...... But im not gonna tell it cus some people are going to report it as bug abuse and i cant do it anymore then :( Btw- im not scamming or something, it's really true :roll:
  4. 0 Drill demons 1 Freaky forrester [ Did it wrong While doing monkey madness ] Got it on the first day it came out, Nice :roll: 21 Frogs [ On 5 accounts ] 6 Mime's (Only need climb rope) Then i got full mime + All the emote's :) Now banned for 1 week, So when i can play again i try to get that zombie :twisted:
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