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  1. And Residentev23 jumps into a big space warp...he dies...the end... or is it??
  2. "WHAT THE!!" said Resident. Thats all he had time to say as he felt his body being sucked from where it was to somplace new. "Where are we going!" screamed Resident. "To lesser 5 of course!" Xarosen said. Well where is that!! Then befor Xarosen could answer Resident fell to the ground in lesser 5. Resident felt people look down at him. They were much weaker than Resident. But he could feel they were still able to do combat. Resident hear the clash of sound swords! And the screams of dieing souls. Resident picked himself up just intime to make a sound sheild to block a sword from hitting him.
  3. Ok Runescape blows up....Everyone dies....Just Kidding
  4. Resident said"Um...Ill go with Xarosen." But Resident had one question for them. "Its been 7 days sence I have gotten this amulet from that monk Xarosen said that I could take it off. Can I? I realy need to put my amulet I got from my brothers and mother on." Resident felt the presence of Xarosen in his mind. "Dont ask stupid questions like that again!"it said."I have another question. How do I shoot my bow in this world!? I used my mind in that room but how do I shoot it out here?"asked Resident. "All will be revealed my friend."is what the voice of Xarosen said as Resident felt the connection break. Resident folowed Isis and Xarosen out into the hall. Isis pulled Resident over and tought him how to make a sheild out of sound. Resident knew this would come in handy later. So where are we going? To the south. But is anything going to attack us? No,there shouldnt. But can you tell me how my bow works in this world I cant use it see! Resident pulls the string but the arrow didnt come out when he let it go.
  5. Um I turned off java but um how do I put it back on.....
  6. Resident reconized the person who had came out of the book. It was Dhahork. He was one of the strongest of the Barrows brothers. Resident took aim and fired an arrow right though his stomach. Altho normaly that wouldnt have killed him he fell to the ground and Resident picked up the armur left behind. He sold it for supplys that he mad some of the best deals ever. First he sold the giant ax for a full set of dragon. The other peices he sold for 1k manta rays and another set of full dragon. Resident regreted using his new powers but he had to. He handed out the food and they all ran to the river. There the slayer house was full of screams. Resident heard Xarosen say something. Resident heard "You can make earmuffs! We'll all go deaf if you dont!" Resident couldnt hear the rest. He made 20 pairs of earmuffs. Then handed them out. They ran thought the river and met were wolfs. The full dragon warroirs killed them in 2 hits. Resident used his mind powers to kill some of them and his bow for the others. Then Resident pointed to the gate. They all rushed forward thought the gate. There they saw a pink shadow. Then as it came closer it became Arihm the mage. He blasted the warroirs with magic. They fell to the ground almost instantly. Resident and Xarosen combinded their mind power to control the mage. They made him run to the river and destroy himself in its holy water. They cept going with the few warriors left. They made it to Mor'rton. So far only 1 had died on the trip. They crossed the river and saw the mounds of dirt. There floating in the middle of the mounds was a portal. But on the way there were all kinds of monsters. Resident and Xarosen cut though the monsters. Finaly after becoming much more powerfull they reached the portal. Then someone that Resident knew came up. There was Zezima and Ruby161616. They had survived. And both of them had the best armur they could find. Full dragon. Ruby handed him a whip. Then Xarosen said" It has just begun now come with me into MY plane!"
  7. Resident noticed something as soon as the battle had started to end. He could see things he couldnt see before. He could sence the black knights planning to invade Fallador. The few monks left and their holy belifs. Resident quickly tore the dark side of the knights thoughts and turned them to attack themsleves. "WHATS GOING ON!!!" yelled Resident as all of asoden he could hear almost everything that everyone said south of him near the bank! The voices overwhelmed him. But finaly Xarosen tought Resident how to control the thoughts. Resident became very accurate with his bow. One arrow killed a demon that had taken the place of his friend Nelska. Residents newfound power told him there was something wrong. Past Varrock and the river with holy power. Something that would soon destroy them. He knew that on the otherside of the river was nothing but bad omins. Resident had been told by and adventurer in some ancent armur that there was dead brothers in their crypts that some times were awoken by brave adventurers. Resident knew that the brothers had come out of the crypts. They were going to kill everyone who apposed them! They would spread their evil everywhere. Adventurers that had killed them before would find them 10x more powerfull. Resident knew that he and Xarosen had to get to the river along with the monks and Adventurers. "Come on i know a short cut!" said Resident when Xarosen asked why Resident was packing lots of food and other things in his pack.
  8. Resident rembered seeing the lighting like bolt before. One of the adventurers had used it on one of his fellow elves. Saradomin strike is what they called it. Resident knew that his armur would keep the energy from hitting him to hard. So he pulled out his bow and fired into the area where Xarosen told him to. He heard a yell. Resident had killed 3 of the attackers Xarosen had killed the other 3. Then The neclase started to glow. "MU HA HA!!!" cried someone. Resident tore the neclase off and threw it on the ground. There in the middle of the monastary was his friend Nelska with a black arora around him. Resident knew that he was possesed. But the power that Resident felt occasionaly now was everywhere. The arora spead out and destoyed the surrounding area.
  9. ok i run on the defalt java the FIRST one on the list. Second I deleted the file finaly but when I went back on it told me there was already a file of runescape. So...Am I sol or can i fix it...
  10. Not having any armur and have 3mil and thats what a levle 70 calls a level 81 LOL NOOB!!!11 is what i get called(Im level 81)
  11. Now I cant fully delete the file......Please I need help just now trying to get past the animations part!
  12. Resident Ran to the Varrock musueum. There he found the person he was waiting for. Nelska was looking at the artifact that resident was shure was the Holy Amulet. There Resident took the Amulet out and put it around his neck."So how did you escape?"asked Resident."I found a secret tunnel that took me out of that cave."said Nelska. Nelska handed Resident a left half of a sheild."Its the sought after Left Half Of The Dragon Square Sheild."said Nelska. "Thanks alot!"said Resident. Resident said goodbye and ran to the anvils where he asked a smither to combine them for him. The smither gave back the sheild and Resident ran to the bank to depoite it. There he saw Xarosen. Resident stoped and watched it. It was talking to a person in armur. Resident hear some of the converstation. Something about a potion and something els. Resident ran out and went to the Arthopracys. There he was shooting his foot with the crossbow he had seen him carry some times. He shot at Resident but he nimbily doged it with such skill the arrow hit a poor new person who was walking around aimlessly. Resident took aim and fired an crystal arrow killing him. Resident went back to the bank and told Xarosen that it had to come with him to the Monastary. Xarosen asked where Resident had got the amulet but he didnt respond. Resident knew something was wrong again.
  13. I dont' even understand the problem? Is it freezing while you're trying to load RS? You've kind of left us in the dark here. Ok it was not "freezing" it stops on 98% on animations Loading. It says a fire wall my be blocking it. I am waiting for my mom to get home to see if she can make shure its the right file. I have told all I know.....
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