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  1. I haven't heard much by them however I do like what I've heard :
  2. We all dressed in black (head to foot- facepaint and all) for a basketball game. Looked funny as hell when someone wore a pink shirt and stood out. We had some funny chants but the officials won't let us use them anymore=( Every year our varsity bball team plays a game against the staff. (funny as hell since staff points are like 5x per basket)
  3. He doesn't like kinky sex =( I thought I was gonna get lucky... lol
  4. He doesn't like kinky sex =( I thought I was gonna get lucky... lol
  5. I hate those... I used to get that high in elementary.. but through middle school and into high school I've kinda given up at really trying... My parents know I could do well if I wanted to, but what's the point?
  6. I still get a few laughs out of that show lol (and theres nothing else on at 7:00 cst)
  7. btw if youre bored... go to- Control Panel>Speech>Turn speed to slow> type 'soi' in the box> Preview Voice>listen to the funny noise =P
  8. Cheese How Ez Ezz Soi Easy I had a better one... But it was kinda X rated so I wont post it (I was going to but that + trolling these boards for the past 2 hours couldnt make the mods happy... unless i bake them a cake <333)
  9. Mcqueen

    Diablo II

    Honestly, Ive never seen a guide for D2. I played it for a few months and got tired of it quick but characters were generally easy to build. If you havent already, you should run a search on google. Also use a few different key words.
  10. heh.. my algebra finals will determine whether I go on to geometry or retake algebra =\
  11. Mcqueen

    PS3 VS Xbox/360

    That is honestly THE DUMBEST post i've seen on this forum.... I make a LOT of dumb posts when I'm bored =(
  12. I can only raise my left eyebrow o.O wierd...
  13. Mcqueen


    Go ahead and lock this. Appearently this cimmunity isn't into being actual friends (more than the RS gain their trust-take their stuff friendship)
  14. nobody ever responds after i tell them i like it kinky =(
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