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  1. AHHHH I'm so mixed of this update! I think it's awesome for the high level people :) But this new diary is out of reach for an average player like me (which is totally okay).. I just wish there wasn't some stupid red text to haunt me I have spent the last year STRAIGHT leveling up for the stupid seers diary...and i completed it last week! and now...ughhhhhhh..a reward that's SO ridiculous there's no point in even trying. i wish - the hard diary was on par with other hard diaries...and then on top of that there was an elite diary too - still with it's awesome reward - it was just some add on and it still showed that you completed the diary even if you didn't have that extra elite thingie done you know? haha oh well....it's the rcing that is scaring me....getting 66 for fally BORED ME TO DEATH
  2. "Deadmonton" haha.

  3. it happens every time i get a lumberjack event in Temple Trekking...i think...maybe i'll get a shirt? and it's never a shirt :(
  4. it happens every time i get a lumberjack event in Temple Trekking...i think...maybe i'll get a shirt? and it's never a shirt :(
  5. WOOT! SUMMONING VERSION #3! :D they finally got it :D took them a while eh?
  6. I'm stoked to see what kind of stuff in TET we can do with this update :D
  7. ancient mace rocks - my fav special
  8. All I know about macro detection is I remember back in the day of rsc if you clicked at a very even speed (like exactly once per second or so - manually) for like 15 seconds or so you'd get automatically logged off :P It was fun to do you had to be like EXACT :P
  9. For a spectre trip bring a macaw...that will increase your profits a SICKKK amount!
  10. When training a skill - for every level i try to do something completly different (makes it way more fun) i.e - for smithing i'd do one level making steel plates. The next level I would make and alch stuff in the dwarf furnace. The next level I would buy logs and make hasta's using barbarian smithing. etc..
  11. Does this mean we don't have to click the call button anymore? Would be epic. OH MAN! I hope so! this update ROCKS just throwing that out there. ONe of the best they've done in ages imo
  12. K well none of my friends know I play this game (let alone all video games haha) and not gonna lie it definitly helps out my social life :P
  13. pkers>>>>>>>>WAY MORE DANGEROUS>>>>>>>>than revanents. they still are scary tho. I died a couple weeks ago penguin hunting because of one!
  14. I've been waiting for this update for ages. Finally even less RWT :D
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