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  1. If you have no other options, snail mail may be the trick, as I doubt they get an abundance of it. Just make sure you write everything down, decorate the mail extra pretty, and put hearts all over or make a really cool mural. If it stands out enough and you find the right address to mail it to, perhaps someone at jagex will take notice and help you out?
  2. Sorry to hijack this thread, but i've been doing rather poorly at this game for the past few days and all I need is the deflector. Is anyone out there looking for a partner to suicide with and speed things up a little? I'm dedicated as balls.
  3. This. I'm on 144 right now looking for someone to suicide with. PM me in game if you want to.
  4. I did it with a wartortoise filled with sharks no problem :thumbsup: (I even had like ten sharks to spare!) I used: -Full slayer helm -Dharok plate & legs -Obby cape -Dragon boots -Barrow gloves -Falador shield 3 -Whip/dds -Rune xbow -Diamond (e) bolts
  5. Thanks but I already read that. I was just hoping for some extra tips outside of that guide. What is the best slayer setup w/o a godsword? How easy could she kill me?
  6. I just got my first special assignment but I've never killed KQ before. Can I solo successfully with my stats? What's the best setup and approach for me? My computer lags a lot so the safer the better.
  7. I have a full slayer helmet, and they're weak to magic. Aslo, I've been looking to get a little extra magic exp. Anyone have ideas on setups I could use to effectively kill 120 of them? Am i better off blocking the task? All input is appreciated :)
  8. "Look at that turtle gooooo, brooooo." Yertle the Turtle is their best song for sure.
  9. Hi I'm in the middle of Between A Rock, and I have all 3 schematics in my inventory but it says "You don't have all the schematics in your inventory yet" every time i click 'assemble'. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried logging in and out but nothing seems to help. Reeeally stuck. EDIT: Sorry! Lock or delete this please, I just figured it out :)
  10. It's the only F2P helmet with an attack bonus, right? Definitely keep it. Wear it all the time. Also make sure you have explorers ring (3) and wear that all the time.
  11. I use the Explorer Ring and Enhanced Excalibur every day for slayer tasks. Seriously, you get a free defence boost and 20hp for a special bar, a free tele near a bank, free low alchs for mith and addy drops, and free run energy... in TWO INVENTORY SPACES. 1) Lumbride 2) Seers 3) Varrock
  12. Two things I always bring on a task that are extremely useful are: -Explorer Ring 3 -Enhanced Excalibur It's worth doing the diaries to get these. The ring gives you free low alchs, free run energy, and a quick tele close to a bank. The sword's special gives a huge defence boost and heals 20hp.
  13. What is the most profitable reward for Slayer Points? I've already learned everything, so I'm just looking to make money from the points.
  14. I have 70 fishing atm, but i need 76 to complete the diary... along with 75 firemaking and 70 prayer :wall: Will a spicy stew boost or admiral pie boost count towards the diary? I really want that excalibur upgrade!
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