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  1. How do you mean? Do the mithril dragons drop anything that looks like a Dragon Med when it's on the ground? Or are you saying that Rune Full helms look like D Meds? Sorry for the confusion :(
  2. I strongly disagree. WoW has an option where one can change their username, and they aren't allowed to use spaces or numbers! There is no confusion in their community when someone does a name change, they simply tell all their friends their new name. Easy. :S I'm 100% in favour of this update.
  3. Don't you hate it when you glance at a drop and you get all worked up, only to realise it was only a ruby or something? I wanna know common mistakes people make when they see stuff, for me, i get worked up when i see red vambs or a ruby at dust devils. :( Know what I mean? :S
  4. Thanks for the info, and thanks for that classic tip.it welcome back. :) Unfortunately all my friends have sinced removed me, as I had been offline for a continuous year. :( So there goes that idea. :D Sorry for the pointless thread, should look harder next time >.<
  5. Hey guys, About a year ago i was your stock standard RuneScape player as well as a Tip.it-er. But I ended up quitting (as do a lot of people, right?). I resubscribed yesterday and was shocked at the amount of changes to the game! This was pleasing on one hand, but on the other it means I've got a lot of content to familiarise myself with. This is quite a bit overwhelming and that's where the point to my thread emerges: I've read through the news but as they only post each news as it's released, a lot of content is purely up to players to uncover, so i was wondering if you guys could help fill me in on the major updates of the last year. Big ask I know but I feel like killing some boredom while slaying (kalphites FTL), and I figured I should re-educate myself if I was to re-introduce myself to the community. I don't want to look like a COMPLETE noob do I? :) Thanks! :D ~Callum6052
  6. once saw a guy (in wow, not runescape, yes i play both) "PunkRockEwok"
  7. so really, not much has changed, barrows still trumps all? :P thanks for the help :D
  8. I haven't played for a long time; like over a year. I've come back and now half the items people are wearing I have no idea what they are or how good they are. For example, when I quit, the Helm of Neitiznot was THE melee combat helm to have, and before that it was the Berserker Helm. I was wondering if anything has taken it's place as the best all round helm, and not just helms specifically, weapons and armour for melee, mage and range. I just like to try have the best gear I can (within reason) to train in. :D Much appreciated, Callum6052
  9. Doing Castle Wars with a mate i met on RS, and a mate from school (we were both friends with this guy on RS) we owned cwars that day. *sigh* either that or visage on my 30th (or so) iron dragon kill for the day. :D i now have no friends on rs :(
  10. Doing Castle Wars with a mate i met on RS, and a mate from school (we were both friends with this guy on RS) we owned cwars that day. *sigh* i now have no friends on rs :(
  11. :') i love you all. I knew the Tip.It community wouldn't let me down :) Logging in now...probably a bit late for you guys to be online...but perhaps not...
  12. About a year ago I stopped playing RuneScape for a couple of reasons, mostly to do with starting year 11, and now that the holidays are here I'm back. I used to post on these forums a fair bit but didn't post enough for anyone to remember me :P. Not playing for a year sucks. All my friends online who hadn't see me log on for a year removed me, and obviously have their chat on friends, or they quit the game =\. I logged on today, excited to talk to my old friends and when i saw no one online i was immensly dishearted. luckily I still had a few of my RuneScape friends added on MSN, so i informed them i was playing again. Only one of them still plays RuneScape. The other quit because his RuneScape "friend" scammed him out of all his gear (doesn't matter what it was, but it was all up about 30m) because he let him try it on because he trusted him. I find it disgusting that people find a couple of pixels worth more than a good friend, which I suppose is the point of my post. the original point was to express my feelings about having no friends on RuneScape :P. Thanks for reading, and if you got nothing out of this, then I apologise for wasting your time. Cheers, Callum6052
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