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  1. You can say that again. Even though I graduated this year I still feel nervous when it comes around to this day. Well done to everybody, but especially well done to the guy who is going to Manchester for PPE, you'll have lots of fun! SATENZA!! It's been so long! Well done graduating man. On topic: I got my AS results today Physics - A Chemistry - A Maths - A Biology - B I'm gonna be applying for physics/astrophysics, not sure where yet though.
  2. Biabf

    American football

    OK cool thanks, is it possible to play an equivalent of sevens in american football? Like less than 11 players on each team or does it have to be 11 to work properly? Also, is all the padding necessary? It's expensive and we play rugby with none, is there a particularly high risk of injury without it?
  3. I had two exams today so I went to the gym with some buddies afterwards to unwind. Stayed for about two hours and did some intense shoulder and arms work out. I also learnt a pretty badass workout from one of our teachers: 1 pullup, get down, 1 pushup, 1 pullup, 1 pushup, etc. as fast as possible, repeating until you are dead. Pretty fun.
  4. Biabf

    American football

    Woah thanks man that was so helpful, a few questions: On a team do the players play an offensive position and a defensive position or are there fresh players for each position? Also, typically how long will a football game last? Like a school/university level game? What's a typical scoreboard after full time just for some comparison? Thanks again for that, can't wait to try it out.
  5. Biabf

    American football

    I like that idea but nobody over here knows it at all, it's really quite unwatched and I've never actually seen it on tv, except for the superbowl.
  6. Biabf

    American football

    Yeah great contribution thanks man <_< . I was hoping for a quicker summary with less useless facts like the size of pitches and junk. Also, I'd rather not have to go between 20 links to learn about each subtopic.
  7. Heeeey, my friends and I are pretty big fans of blue mountain state (god daaaamn hilarious :lol: ), and it's kind of getting us interested in american football. Can someone give me a quick summary of the position and rules? We'd quite like to get playing, it looks like rugby with more tackles, which appeals to me. Thanks, James
  8. Is it just me that got really bored of this COD? It doesn't really have the same appeal to it as COD4. The same happened to all my friends.
  9. Biabf


    Anyone here watch Gavin and Stacey? If so, Deano in the latest episode. Kea/Toffee: Half tea, half coffee mixed together. Genius.
  10. that javelin glitch is getting really [bleep]ing annoying. keep reporting people that do it but they dont seem to get banned. for those that dont know, they get a javelin out, hold some buttons, go around knifing then when somebody finally kills them it 'drops' a javelin at their feet and kills 2-3 around them. other than the cheating douchebags, the game is waaaay better than cod4. so much better stuff, like titles and killstreaks. and the acr ofcourse...
  11. Siiiiiick game. coolshop.co.uk screwed up my order. Ordered late on Monday evening from amazon, got it the next morning (Y). Online is insane, definitely harder than cod4. With regards to guns, I'm using the M4 and SCAR mostly atm.
  12. Just saw the ad for Forza 3, looked sick and if the game is actually that good, I may buy it.
  13. Wherewherewhere? http://www.coolshop.co.uk/catalog/product/58724-modern-warfare-2-%28call-of-duty%29--for-x360#STS=g0dvqhhl.102f They claim to have the cheapest UK price and they appear to be right, can't find anywhere else cheaper. They ship it so you have it for the day of release so it ticks all my boxes.
  14. Quite a few of my friends have played it, a few play it obsessively, I personally refuse to touch it because it looks like crap. Would rather waste my time in other ways. Seeing all the people that do actually play it, there must be at least a few thousand people that are stupid enough to spend real money on it.
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