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  1. I went to general store, bought a map to explore...Died to a highwayman, they own. 8)
  2. What the cabbage? Why would Zezima have a cow in his inventory. It made me laugh, I grant you that, but at you. Not with you. And a person? And a bronze sword? A COW??!!
  3. Actually the bug is: They cast a spell on you and they wear armour, the spell fails but your auto-retaliate makes you attack them and skull. :oops:
  4. You're like the Zezima of all sigmakers... :shock:
  5. BTW...so does ur sig... :wink: ... :? Owned lol! :lol:
  6. Ages ago like 70 comb in f2p I was pmed my someone named Rs Admit(jumble of numbers) saying give me my pass because I won a contest... I knew he was lying because I never win anything :oops:
  7. In one of the troll quests it says trolls are named after the first thing they tried to eat...Go find some trolls...There's one named "Dad" and another named "Pee-hat" :lol: Just a little laugh if you're ever bored slaying trolls or just plain training on them. :oops:
  8. Nice... Now share, or I PK you next level 3 clue you get! :twisted: JK :lol:
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