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  1. How many times have u felt the urge to quit rs and actually did it ? Me i personaly did it like 2 times I've been playing since 2002 but not high leveled cuz i stopped many times : 1.2003-2004 i didn't play at all during this interval 2.nov2005-march 2006 didn't play during this interval Plus during the interval 2002-2003 (before i stopped playing rs the 1st time ) i didn't hv a PC and played at net cafe :? so only about 7 hrs a week :( How about you?
  2. yeh f2p is not all that bad max is ummm 8M i think ...
  3. yes every 99 skill is a great achievement and she/he deserves every level... and also Jagex needs to do sth about max level...
  4. are you sure any more opinions?
  5. All right we all know the poll tip. is it making but how about we hear some motivations to those opinions So please post when u think carpentry will come out and why then Also try to give some suggestions on how it will be...but try not to repeat the ones that were already said thx :)
  6. hmmm all people in top21 overalseem to be over 20 years old:D
  7. Great job tip.it crew;) I must admit that i knew a bit about zezima before this though and a part has been confirmed...about the account sharing part ...ofcourse he coulnd't say yes because he woulda been banned.I guess that will remain a mistery for ever. And i'm not sure he has been entirely honest in other domains either...
  8. lol it's pretty kool to see n0valyfe speak and see like how he did it I mean it's inspirational and bassically i kno from were to start Ty N0valyfe if u're reading this 8) :P
  9. yes it can :twisted:it might b a totally worthless skill like firemaking. :? At least farming is useful ;isn't it :mrgreen:
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