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  1. Okay, I've been PKing since pretty much 2002 till about mid 2007ish (I stopped PKing then, and, primarily, haven't logged onto RS since). I've probably PK'ed at least 1500 hours, so I know a fair bit about it. Here are my views: (NOTE: I am talking only about F2P, as I was never bothered to pay for multiple accounts of membership.) Prayer - NOT pathetic. It's actually quite smart. I never prayed much, but sometimes I did on some of my pures, and there IS tactic to it. It can just be viewed as slightly dishonorable, as mentioned before, because it contrasts with the wilderness's "quick" atmosphere (0, 2, 3, 4, 0, 7, ect. get annoying and boring after a while). But there is a lot of tactic towards prayer. One can use prayer to his or her advantage if used right, but if the opposing PKer is skilled/experienced enough, the one using prayer can be at a disadvantage. In the end - pray or don't pray - if you're a good PKer you'll come on top more often than not, and if you're not so good, you'll die more often than not. If you're a REAL pker, you can take down a guy that is using protect prayers. You can wear his prayers down effectively, and then kill him easier, as he has less "offensive" stats due to his high prayer level. If he still beats you, then no, he's not being cheap. He/she's just more skilled than you are. However, I do think that it is dishonorable to just run away as soon as your prayer runs out. Skill - There is SO much skill required in PKing. Oftentimes, skill can play as big a part in PKing, sometimes more, as luck can. Skill, in PKing, like in a lot of other things, comes with experience. When to eat, when to attack, how to attack, ect. This is especially true with teams. I, with the help of a few teammates (we had all been PKing with each other constantly for about a year, so we had a lot of practice together) could take down people 10+ levels higher than us (sometimes, there would be more of them than us). This comes from organization and from a willingness to trust your teammates. Skill is hard to gain, but when you have it, you can use tactics to beat them no matter what you throw at them. Skill in PKing is especially shown in clan wars. The more experienced clan often wins (of course, numbers help to) Teleporting - I'm not fond of teleporting, nor teleporters (unless the original fight was at somewhere high in the wilderness, and the opposing team had a lot of time to try to get you). In my PKing career, I've only teleported on very rare occasions - and those being when I get big kills. I believe that if you are a PKer, then it is against the spirit of PKing to instantly teleport away at first sight of danger (Of course, if you're not PKing, and are in the wilderness for other reasons, I don't frown down upon teleporting). If everyone who tried to PK teleported on sight, then where would the fun be? I don't, however, frown down upon running, as it is more "fair" in my eyes. And no, running is not dishonorable, because only an idiot would just stay there and die when he has a chance of survival. Unlike when teleporting, it does not totally eliminate the chances of you dieing. And I don't just say this when I am the would-be victor, but I also say this as a loser. I have risked death many times by not just teleporting away. In my eyes, it's also more fun and gets my adrenaline going. Defence - If you want to train defence - be my guest. I, through personal experience, know that if used properly, defence can own str+att pures/ranging pures. You risk a larger loss by bringing amour into the wilderness, so, it seems that your benefit should be greater. Pures usually attack people in amour more often than those without, as amour is a greater reward for them. So for all the risk, a little bit of reward is only fair. ON TOPIC: Yeah, I've been in that situation many times. Usually, I was skulled, and people asked me to fight them. I'd say "sure", but they'd wait to attack them. I would usually just refuse to fight them unless they were skulled. If I happened to be unskulled and my enemy skulled, I'd attack. -One Time
  2. Well, Jonsson, the new Google browser isn't entirely independent, as Mozilla and Google have a close relationship. For example, 3 of FF3's Lead Designers were also a part of the team that designed Chrome. In addition to that, Google also has a partnership with Mozilla until 2011. Because of that, I think that Chrome and Firefox will be very similar, and in the near feature, they will release similar updates.
  3. Google announced today that it will be releasing a new browser. When? Tomorrow. The browser will be open-source and packed with many features - some new, some borrowed - such as: [*:3pjw14y5]A javascript Virtual machine [*:3pjw14y5]special tabs [*:3pjw14y5]an "Omni Bar" (similar to Firefox 3's "Awesome Bar") [*:3pjw14y5]A 'speeddial' feature - like Opera [*:3pjw14y5]Privacy mode/Ingognito mode/ "porn mode" [*:3pjw14y5]Each and every tab runs on a process of its own. So, if one tab freezes, only that particular tab is lost - not all your browsing windows You can find much more information in the comic book Google released and the official Google blog post
  4. That link doesn't seem to be working; can you please re-host it? OT: I notice a lot of things that have been mentioned before, such as a lot of eye contact and intentional touching. As said before, it's just natural for most people and that's what they do.
  5. 0ne_time


    Well, I'm 14 too. A lot of kids I know are just like you, and, a lot more parents I know are just as protective. At 14, I think that our parents still have a right to look into our stuff to a degree. They were our age once and they probably went through the same [cabbage] from their parents as we do from them. I'm assuming as they grew up they came to the conclusion that at this age, they were extremely irresponsible. I'm sure there's probably at least a grain of truth in that. There's no way to avoid it, so the best way is to live with it calmly. Now, as a kid, I hate them going through my stuff, and I'm sure you know that it's annoying as hell. But that's just how parents are. Now, as everyone else said, you gotta try to "earn their trust back". If it makes you happy - the less "Stuff" you do now, the more freedom you'll have later. Take my brothers for example. One wasn't known to be overly responsible, but the other was. While the irresponsible one was older than the responsible one, my parents still gave less [cabbage] to the younger one when he went out, and he could go out just as late (sometimes later). It's all because they thought that they could trust him going out with his friends and stuff more than they could the other. I've tried to not screw around much, and to me, my parents are pretty lax too. Sure, they ask for names and sometimes numbers, but I just "go with the flow" for now. It earns their trust, which makes it easier for you later. THat's just my two-cents
  6. Yep, often times, in higher leveled F2P training areas, you can meet more mature people. A lot of the people I have met through F2P, I have met in areas where mostly high leveled people go to. I know, being a high leveled person does not necessarily mean you are mature, but it seems that there are more chances of maturity among higher levels. -One Time
  7. Punk4ever, Pker Dude Jr Tks Fist of God The Old Nite LadyKilljoy Oldmanschild Meli A lotta people, I know, but most are from rs1.
  8. Oh god... Lets see! One Time Purifiedpure Purepker Sms Sara Ownage D Noob King I use Pray Ownageo Sara I loot adel Im Noob King What Owned K whatownedkay looted kay Adel is bad Im teh Bombz teh lag king dafroob king D Noob King Mori got lured ( <--- ex clan. I used to log in on this account when I was late to a PK trip. They ran to me and then saw my name and level [nothing against rules]) And the looting names are just for fun. If you have a name like that during a war, you die instantly. I was just on a roll on making names. I have plenty more which I forgot, these are all I can remember. Knew a low level Pker in rs1 named DeathbyMage. One of my best friends in RS1 was "Long Tounge". Imkunfuzed is also a great friend of mine right now. Also, Fist of God is a pretty good name, and so is TheHate. So those are the names I'm giving ya :D Thanks, One Time
  9. Good bye, Lightning. I never really got to know you, or, in fact, many other people that played a key role in Tip.it's founding/raising. I did, however, get to know Gugge for a while. I'm saddened that I never really got to know you, but, I will still mis you. I've said in IRC countless times to friends that my idols are "Dmonik, BlueRose13x, Lightning, Starlude, Xentia, Kibble, Rodrigo, DOC IRON 9, Sir Beachy, Stud6900, Hitman X and Silverion." AKA: the STEEL Corporation. I remember how in a lot of tip.it events I attended, you were probably one of the most revered person there was. Whenever anyone saw you, everyone yelled (well, technically they typed :P) that you were there, and got so excited. Shows how much we all love ya. Anyways, I'm sure that what you did is right, though I don't know the full story, and I've always supported you. Good luck in life, One Time, The Noob King
  10. No, I don't believe he did. He had a valid point about the maturity of Runescape's updates decreasing. I have been playing Runescape since I was seven years old!. And heck, I have NEVER been scammed or hacked. Ever. And nor did I beg. So I can safely, without any thought of being an ignorant/arrogant moron, that all those players who do die in the wilderness/other areas die of their own fault. They should know what they are getting into before actually doing it. Even when I was seven, I used to research about quests/whatever before doing it. If kids get all the cons of something handed to them on a platter, then I believe it's not good for them. Runescape's updates ARE being more focussed on the younger kids, which makes it more boring for those of us who are more mature than those kids. I KNOW I will be flamed for this by someone, but the thing is, I have played Runescape before the age of 8 (which, for some reason, seems the stereotypical age for young player in Runescape), and so I KNOW that if they just read before the do things, they are fine. And I was 13 recently (which is the stereotypical age for immature in Runescape), I know that 13 year olds can solve things on their own and only pester others because they get their way. It's the same way in classes. If the class is harder, or the teacher doesn't make it too easy for them, the kids my age don't act so immaturely. Now, they are getting too many signs and such things warning them about danger in the wilderness! Personally, I thought that the one sign before entering the wilderness was fine. In the recent past, Jagex hasn't release too many really tough quests, such as Desert Treasure, Mourning Ends II, and Recipe for Disaster, to name a few, which does make Runescape a tad bit more boring. Anyways, about Miniclip: I think that Miniclip is one of the reason for Runescape's increasing immaturity. However, we mustn't forget that Miniclip is a MAJOR reason why Runescape is so large. So I don't defend nor attack Miniclip in this matter. Thanks, OT
  11. [hide=Adam007's quote] If we're talking about someone who falls into this gullible category, it's better they learn their lesson now rather than in a phishing email. There's only so many protections we can give without going slippery slope jagex on these forums and disabling links and everything. Assume some responsibility and self-accountability from these people. [/hide] I agree with Adam, but you may say that it is better than they never fall for it. The thing is, I started playing Runescape when I was seven. I have played Runescape since about the 2nd or third month it came out. Never have I once been hacked or scammed. Yes, I agree, kids my age and younger do tend to not read things. But when things are bolded and in red text, they definitely read it (well, there is a higher probability). I agree with you that there should be a change in font; perhaps it should be bolded and in red font. But the thing is, if they still chose not to read it, then it is entirely their fault. If they chose not to read it, I would prefer them to have a failed scammed attempt on their character. Yes, you read correctly. I said "I would prefer them to have a failed scammed attempt on their character." Take in mind I said failed. I said so for a very simple reason: they need to learn to read things. Personally, even though I am very young, I read almost every Privacy Statement on things I sign up to, and read the rules and the Terms of Conditions (unless, of course, they are on GNU Public License, which I have read, so I already know it). I'm sure many adults don't do it, but I know they at least read some things! And children need to learn these things. And if they do get scammed, I am of the opinion that they could have easily prevented it by reading. At least the next time, they will read the disclaimers and they will pay more attention to security. It will increase their awareness. I, however, do not agree on taking the buttons off. The buttons are something which makes communication a whole lot easier, and even though there are some risks to it, the risks can be easily prevented. It clearly states that tip.it is not responsible for people contacting you. And because of that one golden line, I think that there is no reason whatsoever to take those buttons out. Thanks, OT (One Time)
  12. Definitely pretty good :D. Keep them up.
  13. He didn't give a friend his stuff back? It seems to me that HE is the pixel hog :x. I know most people say they would give all the stuff back, but would they? I wouldn't. I would give about three-fourths of it back, not because I'm trying to hog pixels, but because it's his fault he died. And it teaches him a lesson :D. But anyways, good decision on giving all the stuff back. My respect for you there. Thanks, OT (One Time )
  14. Most of my best "e-friends" are people I could trust in real life. I personally think that no matter where you know a person, there is a sentient being (hey - you never know, aliens could be playing with us :P) outside the screen, talking to us. They have feelings too. I can personally say that I have lent a santa hat to many people. I believe, and yes, you can call me an idiot for believing so, that a santa is worth less than knowing a person that you can trust. Hey, I think that if it takes a santa to find out the person's TRUE character, it is worth it. Im a person that honestly thinks that everything in Runescape is just pixels, and Im not afraid to lose them. Everything but the characters roaming around. There are real people behind that mask, people with feelings. I am proud to say that I am a trustworthy guy. People have lent me items worth millions of gps. I've also been lent a yellow, white and a blue party hat, which, if Im not mistaken, is more than a billion gp. I never fail to return items, because, I know, and Im glad that I know, that there are real people behind the masks of the characters, with real feelings and real emotions. I don't like to betray people at all, whether in the wilderness or not. Heck, Im the same in real life. People can trust me, because as I said, Im not the time of person to go around and betray someone's trust. Thanks, OT (One Time)
  15. Im mostly on tipitchat, but sometimes, I hop over to my friend's chat channel. So I put 2-4. I also prefer mIRC :D
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