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  1. You should have went to Mayhem fest. Assuming you live on the West side of Missouri
  2. I know he was rich before but he only recently (since ccs and GE) became so rich because of his merchanting clan chat. I was just curious as to why his clan chat got so much hype
  3. Breaking Bad Season 1 on Dvd, my dad like religiously followed Season 2 and hadn't seen any of Season 1. It was the perfect present hah
  4. I'm just curious but how did A C I D Y's clan chat get so popular? I can understand Chessy018's because of her stats and history and such, but what about A C I D Y?
  5. I recall a post on here, could have been quite awhile back, I don't rightly remember. Anyways, the point was that in the topic was a link to a site with a ton of somewhat complex math problems for you to solve. I think it might have statistics to how many people had solved the problems to date? I mention it because this seems like the perfect opportunity to ask someone if they have the link as it could benefit you and I both :P
  6. I remember a list awhile back with the distribution of experience from quests, it was nicely formatted and organized. I can't find it anymore, could someone help? Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah I did this alot after I heard about it, but I didn't get an IP ban or even a black mark for that matter and as far as I know I did it quite alot compared to anyone else.
  8. Obama isn't off to a very good start, the Catholic Church has announced they will shut down every single Catholic hospital if this Act is passed, 30% of the United State's hospitals are Catholic owned/run, it'd be a huge blow to all employees and also to the community as a whole. It definitely needs to be revised.
  9. Where are you that you're using a Kansas City connection for speed test sloter? Reason I ask is I go to college in Kansas, and am like 3 hours away from Kansas city. :P Which college? I live near Lawrence :P Pittsburg State University. :) That's really cool just due south of me, what are you studying?
  10. You've got very decent stats, though I would say 80 prayer wouldn't hurt and neither would 90-95+ defense. Find your favorite outfit and go for it (preferably with some prior skill)
  11. Where are you that you're using a Kansas City connection for speed test sloter? Reason I ask is I go to college in Kansas, and am like 3 hours away from Kansas city. :P Which college? I live near Lawrence :P
  12. You want the President elects name to no longer be mentioned in the media? :lol: If only he could spell it correctly :roll:
  13. Well then yes, cooking would be decently easy with a few mils loss. Fletching, I'm not so sure, I got 99 when I was still able to profit from it. What I'll suggest is though, level range up, buy some decent gear and level defense. Now depending on how you do this, you can end up with high def/range with no losses also. Then you should begin dking/gwd for money and get that cash up so you can dump 85m on herblore or 100m on prayer. The best thing you can do in this situation is to level the skills that are going to help you boss hunt to make more money, more money means more effcient training. If you don't like that advice, level cooking for sure since that's the cheapest. If you have the patience for firemaking, then by all means, it should only set you back 3-6m, and then fletching. I also recommend thieving since it's huge xp/hr and hunter because the profit you'll make off it is way to immense not to, to be honest.
  14. Runecrafting, Mining, Woodcutting, Hunter, Attack, Strength, Defense, Hp, Mage, Range, Fishing? You can max your total without spending one penny, besides on Summoning.
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