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  1. Wow! Didn't see this coming, yay! :D
  2. jcfc

    RSD manifesto

    Interesting post. You clearly had no trouble thinking up the problems; none of the ideas seemed "strained". I would like to see RSD for myself before I make any assumptions, though.
  3. If I remember rightly (not sure if it has anything do with it), if levels went higher you would be level 126 with 200mil xp. So, maybe it's something to do with formulae and future level caps?
  4. I thought SK default uses IE because before I could of swore that I saw the IE logo on one of the windows before.. No no, it's called SwiftBrowse. [hide=Swift Browse][/hide] It's simple to use and is basically set on incognito. No, it uses the Internet Explorer DLL. Basically its IE in a different looking outfit.
  5. 9 years! That's incredible, great job 'The'. Can't come to stealing creation, though, I'm F2P.
  6. Just a translation of that advert from Thiesje: "Now in the netherlands, the biggest free online rpg in the world. Play now with the return of pvp. Play now direct against your dutch friends. Join now at runescape.nl"
  7. http://whois.domaintools.com/runescape.nl Jagex owns it. EDIT: This is interesting. Try doing other runescape.xyz - for example, runescape.it (it = italy) just redirects to the .com version.
  8. My personal opinion is that you should do level 25 experiments. They have 1 attack/strength/defence I believe (100hp) and the defence of rock crabs (if any) would not interfere. But good luck in the calculations :)
  9. :-# My mate said that exact thing the other day :L but dont insult us. We're cool Hi Ant :) GL with them goals :P Btw, I was meant to ask you something, but forgot :S will remember soon lol
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