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  1. I was ecstatic when I got accepted at Yonsei Univ. I'm majoring in Management and Economics with several other courses in Negotiation and Phsychology.
  2. Rofl... Today I was feeling a bit kooky so... Korean Telemarketer (roughly translated): "Hello, this is (Insert Company Name Here). We're wondering abou--" *Interrupts* Me (In English with a histerical voice): "So YOU'RE the one who took my blue party hat!!! I'M GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE FOR THAT!!! *abruptly changes voice from loud madness to a small moderate fast-paced tone* I'll season you in some garlic and olive oil, then fry you lightly and serve you to my guests with some fresh garden greens!!! But befo--" *Telemarketer hangs up* I also had a call from my OWN phone company today... The call went like this: Telemarketer (In REALLY fast Korean): Hello this is (Insert my telecomunications company name here). We're offering a brand-new service that includes bonus hours and free internet service! Me (Doesn't know what's going on because he just woke up and the telemarketer was speaking so fast): Uhh... What? Telemarketer (In a exasperated slow voice): We're (Insert my telecomunications company name here). We just came out with a new service. May I ask which service you are currently using? Me (Still dazed): Uhmmm... (Insert the service name the telemarketer described)... I think so at least... Telemarketer: *swears* *hangs up* Honestly... Why are these companies calling their own customers that are already using the service? Whenever I sign up I always insert everything from my ÃÆìÃâãÃâüÃÆëÃâïÃâüÃÆëâââ¬ÃâÃâñÃÆëÃâáÃâÃ
  3. Thanx :) But I still think the movie needed more detail on the past...
  4. Sure, I'll do the Korean. "Na nun gweeyuhwu yo." ÃÆëâââ¬Ã¡Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅÃÆëÃâ¦Ã Ã¢ââ¬Ã
  5. You got me there :) Perhaps major bomb attacks would be harder to coordinate but the violence would be worse than ever. Without central directives the individual cells would have to act on their own initiative. The cells would also be cut off from contact to other cells meaning that if you capture one or several cells and interrogate them the outcome would be nothing. Without some sort of organization directing them intel would also be a hard thing to come by as spies sent in by the government would have virtually no effect on gaining the right intel whatsoever. In some ways chaos among the enemy can be more dangerous than order...
  6. Most Asian languages seem to be really weird when spoken. I can't even tell a word from each other. Doesn't matter is it japanese, korean or chinese, it's still total gibberish in my ears. Americans often think that all Asians can understand each other because all their languages sound the same to us. A Korean student once told me that this is obviously untrue. All the major Asian languages are extremely different. Yet somehow, he said that whenever an American tries to imitate one of them, it always sounds like Chinese :P Personally, tonal languages (in a tonal language, words that are exactly the same can have completely different meanings depending on the pitch) sound funny to me because all the tonal stuff makes the inflection seem funny and really random. No offense meant to anyone. I have a good friend who speaks a tonal language. :D Most of us Koreans know English to a well-educated extent however a few of my friends can't tell the difference between English and French... ] Japanese names are usually long and elaborate... Chinese seems to be too short... Korean seems just right in length... But maybe that's just because I'm Korean...
  7. hehe heard that one all too many times! :D And it NEVER gets old!!! [/sarcasm]
  8. Medievil Armour >>> Weaponry :)
  9. Thank you for demonstrating how anyone get put together a few quotes to produce whatever outcome they want. "I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it." Yay for quotes! (Show me Bush oil profits and records please) Official records would no doubt be sealed. But you can't even believe the UN? "I don't see an argument for military action now" - Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General "We haven't found an iota of concealed material yet - UN weapons inspector "We need intelligence reports if they exist" - UN weapons inspector Even the Vatican was against it... "a war of aggression that cannot be justified" Hell... the CIA itself said that Iraq posed little threat to America... "President George Bush's attempt to maintain public support for military action against Iraq has taken a fresh blow from an unexpected quarter, with the publication of a letter from the CIA stating that while Saddam Hussein poses little threat to America" The invasion was declared illegal under international law. "The American and British governments have declared their plans to use military action to force a "regime change" in Iraq. Unfortunately, in international law, this is an unlawful reason for war." How much more do you need to be convinced?
  10. "Hello you have just been randomly selected from the general populace to win a grand prize of either a digital camera or a-*Hangs up*"
  11. I've used a real Yew bow before... But I find the aluminum composite bows to be MUCH easier to use. Real bows made of wood are really hard to keep stretched meaning that aiming is really hard. Check out you're local pawn shop and they should have an old composite bow for sale... If not then check out Ebay for good deals.
  12. All of the skeptics about the WOMDs and the corrupt reasons for the US going into Iraq for oil... Check this out... http://www.thedebate.org/thedebate/iraq.asp It has quotes from many world leaders... Including a few from people within the American government itself. EDIT* As for the civil war issue... I myself think it's due to the poor management of the USAF. The USAF have been provoking the responses. They should be held responsible above all else.
  13. I think you know better. When I said I was just being logical, I'm just saying i'm not some avatar of CNN who can't think for himself, and whether I watch the news or not has nothing to do with my logic (a method of thought, not knowledge of what's going on). I mean, you're telling me not to trust the media and all, and then you tell me to search for Oil on CNN? Come on, kid :? PS: Giving me links to Leftist news organizations just as or more biased than any other one isn't going to sway me any. It just shows you're a hypocrite. You smite me for "not being cynical of the media", and then throw me link after link of baised news sites. Facts, maybe slightly biased facts but facts nontheless. http://www.thedebate.org/thedebate/iraq.asp This link should convince you... It has refferal links to CNN, BBC and other major world news companies... It also has a few quotes from leaders in the American government itself. As for logic? How are you able to say anything upon the Iraq-Oil issue if you do not have any knowledge of it? Is it not logical to presume that certain media outlets have been corrupted? Logic can based upon false information. When it is, the "logical" assumption is almost always wrong aswell. One last thing... Don't "kid" me. You're probably some generic teenager in a shaded room living his completely secure life in America without the slightest idea of what the real world is like. As Confucious once said... "How can you know/judge others when you cannot know/judge yourself? To judge and rule over others one must first be able to judge and rule over oneself."
  14. Since you seem to be too lazy to look I shall post a few links... http://www.thenation.com/doc/20021230/hiro20021216 http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/oil/irqindx.htm http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3042111/ http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dy ... -2002Sep14 http://www.threemonkeysonline.com/three ... 20iraq.htm Happy? Next time try doing a little research on the subject you are talking about before accusing others with false information.
  15. No. I'm not regurgitating things I saw on "the media", I'm being logical. Besides, i'm not seeing this whole big money for the US yet. Gas/Petrol prices are almost double what the were a few years ago and the nation is still in a multitrillion dollar defecit. Show me the where all this money from invading Iraq is coming from. Show you? Try asking a tax collector for his/her real records... Oil prices? Texas is almost dry now... The only reason oil prices are not triple of what they were "several years ago" is because of the oil they took from Iraq saying specofically: "I think we can be trusted to use this oil in the general good of Iraq". Try Googling "Iraq Oil" or searching for it on CNN... Another point of interest is that if you are not relying on the media for your information then what are you baseing your "logic" on?
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