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  1. I just got an Iron Dragon assignment and was wonderning how I should go about doing it using magic. I've been playing since '04 and remember doing it back then by just using a staff and a shield and holding some distance, but now it seems staffs have become two-handed AND you can't use magic anymore without them? Is there anyway I can wield my antifire shield and still use magic? If not, what's the best way of killing them?
  2. Forgot how frustrating this quest is, holy shit! Took me like 4 hours :P
  3. Started a new account about 2 months ago because my 8 year old main account got hacked and locked. Sucks, but still fun to start over! Very nostalgic killing Elvarg again so I wanted to share this:
  4. Wrong. Let me tell you a story tip.it admins try to hide/cover up. Tip.it got hacked. It's databases with ip-s, passwords and emails got leaked all over the internet. Now if your tip.it's password matches your previous RuneScape password, it can easily be used to recover your account. Wow.. Not what I was expecting. This definitely answers my question, thanks for the reply!
  5. Hey Tip.it, I've been playing Runescape on and off since '04 and I've been a member of these forums since '05. Up to a month ago, I had never been hacked or anything similar as I've always been a player who respects the rules and doesn't try to download bogus runescape add-ons and such. Last month however, I wanted to log in and I noticed my password had been changed. At this point, I have to confess that I never bothered to set any recovery questions as I thought my information was safe. This may have been one of the more stupid things I've done in my playing. Anyway, I resetted my password, changed it, set recoveries and I finally got access to my account again. I noticed it had been completely cleaned of my lifetime earnings (not extremely much, but still something like 80M coins in total) and my character was standing in Canifis holding all the 20 effigies I had collected while doing slayer. Up to today, I hadn't had any problems. That is, until I tried to log into this new account that I made a few weeks ago and I got a message saying the account was locked. Furthermore, my recovery questions had also been deleted. At this point, I should also mention that during the last few months, my Hotmail password has also been mysteriously changed once. So now I'm guessing that, since the 'hacker' got access to both accounts, he must have access to my Hotmail account. This is the only way he would be able to change my passwords, right? I've obviously just changed my Hotmail password again to be sure and installed all the latest Windows updates to make sure my virus scanner is fuctioning correctly. But is there anything else I can do? I hate that I've lost all my earnings and I'm now left with about 100K on my level 135 account.. It sucks that shit like this happens.
  6. - Definitely mining rocks, they were a lot more pleasant to look at - W2 Fally park was awesome - I liked old demons better too And most importantly: when whips were the best weapon there was.. I remember racing to 85 Slayer and by the time I got, whips were still 4m so I stayed at Abyss for days and made my first dozen millions :shades: It's very confusing to me now which are the best weapons in RS.. I know there's the godswords now, then there's saradomin swords and lastly of course the dungeoneering rapiers.. I've never trained with anything but a whip and a dragon scimitar from 70 to 99 melees :smile:
  7. Here are some fresh batteries for your sarcasm detector! :smile:
  8. I'm planning to raise my Herblore level from 80 to 90. I'm not looking for the cheapest way per se, nor am i looking for the absolute fastest yet incredibly expensive way. I wouldn't mind spending 10-15M on it for example. So basically, I'm looking for something inbetween. Right now, I'm deciding between Prayer pots which are the cheapest way and Ranging pots which seems like a fairly fast way. What are your suggestions?
  9. Oh, I see. I didn't know Romeo and Juliet were removed from the game. It appears that this bug is causing me to not be able to finish the quest because none of the other 5 are the right descendant..
  10. I'm at the end of the Defender of Varrock quest where I need to find the elders of the Arrav guy. I've got a scroll with a few names on it and I need to find the persons in Varrock who have to same surname. I can find these in the Varrock Census. In Tip.it's quest guide, it says that there are 5 options. However, it seems that the quest has been updated, and there are now 7 options. The 2 new options are: Damar Lapucet Laris Gontamue These surnames are not to be found on the Varrock Census.. Does anyone have an idea who these people could be?
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