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  1. Jesus i look young there, that's actually quite scary. Africa - spent a month there travelling around on a bus and camping in fields. Started in South Africa, went through Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya seeing various things on my way. Easily the best experience of my life.
  2. Heh, nothing too shocking to fill you in on really. Same house, still single, different car. Few weeks snowboarding here and there, few music festivals, spent a month in africa. Changed my lip bar for a ring, got a few tattoos, shaved my hair and grew a beard (ish). Like i said, nothing major.
  3. Sup ricardo. You still in touch with any of the old lot?
  4. Glastonbury UK? We live in the same county.
  5. Daan! I'm good thanks buddy, just got back from my weekly football game. You come out of the closet yet, you big girly man you?
  6. Ahhh there are a couple more familiar faces/names. Hello to all. Not sure i can give you a reason for leaving to be honest, i can't remember if i got bored of the place or became busy with other things, who knows. Certainly looks like things have changed a bit around here - do they still have that stupid censor in place? I remember posts being littered with 'wagon' and 'cabbage'.
  7. Ahhh yes, "gunslinging". I "sling" my "gun" at least twice a week.
  8. Being an antique collector, i think you'll find that nostalgia is my business.
  9. I'm more surprised that he hasn't had a suitably rock n' roll death by now, ending up in a pile of his own mangled guitars and tobacco.
  10. Wait wait wait, Dan is a mod? Hahahaha, well i must admit that is something i did not expect. Edit: I think the quote in my sig might even be from him.
  11. Definitely not a second account, but yeah that would be me. When you say Dan, is that Scottish Dan? I haven't spoken to him in years.
  12. I'm not seeing many names i remember but it looks like someone made darkrick a mod? I guess drugs really are bad.
  13. I've heard that one a little differently. "Friendship is like peeing your pants... everyone can see it but only you can feel its true warmth"
  14. I've smoked weed sporadically for about 6-7 years and there's no way i would ever try anything harder. I don't smoke cigarettes either, for what it's worth. I don't believe weed is a gateway drug at all, mainly because things like coke and ecstasy are so completely different in terms of the way you take them and the "high" they give you. I could understand, for example, ecstasy and speed being linked in some way because of the similar effects, but weed is kind of in a league of its own really. All these "statistics" about 50% of heroin users smoking weed at some point are irrelevant in my eyes, i could tell you that 80% of people who smoke weed had a pizza at some point in their life but that doesn't mean pizza should be seen as a gateway to drugs. I know plenty of people who drink but don't "do" drugs, i know people who smoke weed but don't drink or do any harder drugs, and i know a few people who do harder drugs but don't smoke weed. Depending on who you ask you could make up your own conclusions any way you wanted them to look.
  15. Mate i wish. I've got to try and save some money this year if i want to get a business idea running :(
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