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  1. This is possibly the worst best update ever! Things that are now DEAD: -Staking -Pking -Donating to people -Drop Parties -Sharing items -Merchenting Why not just revok our ability to walk. Who needs to walk anyway :thumbsup: . The whole economy is going to fail now. Terrible update Jagex. [[wagon] holes]
  2. I see how people can believe this, but no, it's wrong. Jagex's motive is clearly stated on runescape.com. They are attempting to stop real world trading. Even though their attempt is not even making a dent.
  3. You were wrong to stereotype him like that, but he was in the wrong by being very easily irritated and "reporting" you. You have to realize how many skillers there actually are, and if you are going to look someone up to see if he's a drop trader (which I think is silly), then do it secretly.
  4. Simplist picture I could find. Nibiru orbits around its own star. So i'm guessing you either think this is another stupid conspiracy... or you don't know anything about it. It is another stupid conspiracy. Fair enough. All i'm asking is if anyone has facts on the subject.
  5. So i'm guessing you either think this is another stupid conspiracy... or you don't know anything about it.
  6. *NOTE!: If you scare easily, or get paranoid often, then maybe this topic is not for you!** Nibiru - The planet of crossing. Also known as Planet X. The 12th planet. Supposidly this planet has a massive orbital path that takes roughly 3600 years to complete. And during the completion of it's revolution, it passes very close to earth. Causing catastrophic weather/land changes and events. So why am I telling you this? If the videos/conspiracies are right, the next time Nibiru will pass by earth will be late 2012. That's 5 years away people. They estimate 2/3 of the worlds population will be eliminated by this. Somewhat scary to think about right? Heres a video where I am getting most of my information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-3RLx_4Y5Y (You can find more videos from that side panel) Does anyone have any idea if this is actually true? Or is this a bad conspiracy? Has anyone done research on this? I want some facts! Discuss? And if you have any facts, or have heard anything, please share!
  7. 1.2 mil... 1k Yew longs, 1k Natures, and full rune.
  8. Prolly something like this... A beach setting, sunset, and a beautiful girl waiting for me... Nothing better.
  9. I personally think it's wrong. How do people reproduce? Sexual Intercourse between a man and a woman! Sorry, but this is what I think.
  10. I hope this thread is a joke... "Bulleys will own me.", "Time to stay with no lifing." Seriously kid, middle school is nothing to worry about. My school was 6th-8th with 800 kids and after the first 3 days I fit in perfectly normal. The three most important things are prepare yourself for highschool/college, have tons of fun, and don't no-life on RuneScape :XD: -Kyle
  11. The best advice I can give you is "Don't be shy." If you enter highschool being shy then I can almost guarrentee you will have a miserable time. I am not saying you should try to be the most popular kid in school or anything, I am trying to say be very outgoing and be willing to hang out with new people. Even if you have heard bad things about them, try hanging out with them and find out more about them! You never know what they are really like until you get their 2 cents. Another piece of advice is be active. You should do sports and join clubs. You make tons and tons of friends this way. In high-school people start to be more accepting of who comes into their groups and you can easily join a group where people have been friends for a long time. I personally found a group of friends that have been friends for about 5 years. After 3 months of hanging out with them they treated me the same way as they did everyone else. Now this next advice is some things only students in high-school could tell you. No teachers or staff at your school will tell you this... Stand strong and be powerful. Don't let anyone push you around. I would highly suggest going out for a sport. If your school has a gym go and work out everyother day! You will certainly be happy you did. I am not saying you have to be a ripped jock, but stay fit. You will be very happy you decided to get some muscle later in life :wink: . Lastly, have fun, don't be nervous. The only thing you really have to be nervous about is the size of the school. It may seem over-wheelming at first considering it's most likely bigger than your previous school(s). But that nervousness will go away in about a week, trust me. But what I am really trying to say is do things that are fun! I personally, go to football games, hang out with friends on the weekends, support my friends at their games (any sport), and, well, party! :XD: Oh and if you are worried about girls at all, I wouldn't be, considering there are TONS of them. And I guarantee you will find a girl that you will like and she will like you back, so don't worry. :thumbsup: Well I hope this helped you out. If you have any questions you can ask me. -Kyle
  12. What I have recently figured out is girls HATE confronting their problems with the one they are having a problem with. They will avoide every chance they have to associate with them. I have seen this first hand... Depending on the personality type, they will either just sit back and get worked up about the situation, or they will take action and totally hurt the person that's hurting them. Most guys only see the beauty side of girls. But I can guarrentee that 50% of us guys have never seen the total hate that some girls have for other girls. It's actually quite incredible how out of the way they will go just to hurt each other. It makes me sick sometimes...
  13. Omg 80-90 fm in one day!? Geez how much do you play!? But anyway.. nice cash stack and your an ownage merchanter, lol. Good Luck on your goals.
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