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  1. Some random thoughts on the topic: Download and stream whatever you want and if you like the album/movie buy it and put it into your shelf. We all know that you see something on youtube or wherever. The most convenient step is to just download the piece and look at it in depth. If it turns out to be just some junk you don't care about, oh well. (..delete it you must! well no need to clog up your hdd with it anyway. then again there is this saying sharing is caring. maybe somebody else likes what you got.) So you got what you wanted for free, why would you waste your limited ressources on paying? Obviously because it's sucky not to. If i were an artist, i would be very happy if people like what i do, no matter if they pay or not. Where i draw the line is, when people start not paying out of habit or selfishness. With movies it's a bit silly to get somewhat mediocre copies of the internet, if you could just go to the cinema and get the fullscreen experience. (<--- i'm the silly guy here) Guess the bottomline is: If you just think: "yeah i got it for free" then you aren't appreciating what you got. if you feel like: "how cool is that, me wants it. awsome there is a torrent. boah cool, look at what i got." it would be fine with me. Artist who are that greedy, that they want money no matter what suck imo. (If they aren't the kind who are really in need.) Guess the whole thing is more a problem with movies then with music, because in general movies aren't watched repeatedly. Maybe i encourage somebody to find a better balance in this matter. Maybe some people have a differnet viewpoint on this.
  2. 25. I got a guy, i sometimes refer to as my evil twin. He's called Stephen and tells me in all seriousness i have to clean up my room, or my darkest nightmares will come true. Then he starts picturing what that would mean. He's rather imaginative. It's not THAT messy though.
  3. 46. reads to me like: "You've been exiled!" Ah well... not so bad
  4. I had this nightmare about some beautiful womans left arm getting separated from her body and forming a whole new girlish creature, spreading havoc among the male populance.
  5. Nechryals can be killed in droves using ancients in the chaos tunnels (Icing and blood, if you need to heal). It probably isn't worth the cost, but it's fun and makes for a blazing fast assignment. (The best slayer monster to aoe i found to date.) EDIT: ... and thanks for this guide! EDIT: I'm probably a bit too overexcitet about this methode - i might have already posted it on a previous incarnation of this thread. Guess from a practical point of view you can't favour ancients over chinchompas here.
  6. Yah that would be my guess to. Nothing to worry about, everything is normal, nothing special, quite mundane, common occurance, trivial -.-
  7. 26/30 28/30 It's a concentration test as well =P
  8. There is no audience in the "Younge People" video.
  9. I despise this sitcom feature of people laughing in the background.
  10. I think it is important to make the wrong-doer understand what he did. The most obvious way to accomplish that is revenge. If you do exactly the same to him that he did, he should get a pretty solid grasp on what he did and what feeling it caused. So at some level revenge is a simplistic education methode. From that point of view prison is a pretty poor methode. It's mainly punishment based. (The same is probably true for chopping off fingers and the like.) Because then you'd have to deal with a bunch of very angry people. A chopped off finger is nothing you would easily forget and forgive.
  11. Although i've already seen something by him a while ago, i started only recently to hunt down vids of his shows in youtube. They never cease to amaze me and i had to think a lot about what he does recently. In case you might not know him, here are just some examples of what he does: Trains... of thought He makes shows about mind tricks. In the beginning of every episode of his show "Mind Tricks" he claims that he doesn't use actors and stooges (if you look closely, you'll notice that he enforces this claim with a very suggestive hand movement). Most of his tricks could be easily explained by assuming his victims to be actors. There would be an army of actors and stooges employed by him now. On the other hand hypnosis and suggestion are known to work, aren't they? (Personally i know way too little about this particular subject to make any educated statements.) There are certainly plausible explainations how many of his tricks would work using these techniques. In fact he makes a point in explaining plenty of his tricks himself according to this. Personally i'd like to believe he really is doing what he claims. Many of his victims responses look so damn genuine, as well as he and his explainations do. Then again it is easy to convince somebody who wants to believe in the first place (like me). Add to that that what he accomplishes is unbelievable, it really makes you wonder. (Well at least it makes me wonder.) Nevertheless i do believe he is just doing mind tricks (and really that is the only explaination besides stooges). Assuming that he is genuine he obviously knows much more about the workings of the mind then i do and that is what intruiges me most. I wonder to what positive effects you could influence people with his level of expertise. I also imagine that he might see the world around him quite in a different way. Take this birthday present thing as an example. He basically just took a random guy and told him that he really, really wants a BMX bike and once asked the guy stated he really wants an BMX bike. Sure there was plenty of technique involved, but imagine you could tell random people what they want, what to do, what to see and they would follow your lead. It is quite ridiculous. If he can do that, who tells me that what i think i want is what i really want, that i don't just do what i was told to and that i see what is actually there. I can't quite shake this feeling that this is what his show is all about (besides being fun for him to make it). Yah and this is one piece, where i think he went to far: Zombies If i was that guy (assuming he wasn't an actor), i would be pretty pissed off, once i would see what he did on TV. On the other hand he got exactly the gaming experience he was looking for. Can this whole stunt be even legal though?
  12. Well awsome. They have plenty of experience to build on. Could be good. The rumours about this seem to get louder, so i guess they are really doing this. Basically it just is a matter of time anyway. Who wants to work on only one game forever? About the financial issue.. Jagex is a private compay that is owned by Andrew and his brother Paul Gower. They can do whatever they want with it. Sure they probably won't make decisions that would immideately jeopardize the jobs of all their employees. Other then that though, considering that they are set for live (estimated to be worth 100 Million Pounds (i wish i would have the source at hand... EDIT: Oh.. that's even on wikipedia)), they can do whatever they find interesting. What could be interesting to game designers? Making a new game probably =P
  13. I know people who hunt and i even like some of them (hunting license is pretty expensive where i live, so most hunters are snobs to begin with), but stating to enjoy hunting definitely has an impact on my opinion on somebody. I like watching birds in the trees, hamsters in the bushes, crows on the fields, dogs in the park, rats in the subway, bees and bumblingbees around flowers and so on. I hardly ever saw a deer in the forest, but i would hate to see one drop dead. I really don't get how anybody could enjoy doing that. I could imagine that i would enjoy the aiming and shooting part of it, but i don't want to have to kill anything actually and watching something die isn't exactly pleasant to me either. (Just take flowers as an example. So pretty when they are blooming and eventually they'll just crumble away. Somehow that is heartbreaking.) Yah and stuffed dead animals on a wall give me the creeps.
  14. kelem_ryu


    Hehe.. it's exactly these lines that entice me to try to do so. I fall for it and regret it every time. Oh well.. i'll give it a shot nevertheless (for your amusement). Do You know Peter Pan? Everytime you say you don't Believe In Faeries a faerie dies. What i Believe runs along this lines. I think that In Whatever you believe is true. So everything merely depends on whether You Want things to be true or not. Once you start believing something, even if it may sound fantastic, It Will - fueled by your believes - Become True. Agreed. It sometimes doesn't ring true to what i know.
  15. I'm very glad you actually posted this one. Taking this post as an example, i didn't take the time to actually think about your post. I read it, browsed over the first page of responses and hit the reply button. I often ask myself what i want to accomplish with my post - what purpose it serves and most of the time i actually don't really know. Probably it's about giving shape to your own thoughts, so that you yourself get a better idea about what you are on about. Personally i find it very helpful to present these thoughts in a public manner, rather then writing in a diary or something (wich i don't). The good thing about it is that your thoughts might actually be helpful or interesting to somebody else and you might get response you find insightful yourself. I'm not a big fan of arguments for some of the reasons you already mentioned. The amount of thought to give into a post is probably dependant on the context of the thread or the forum. It depends on whether you are looking for a constructive response or just want to share some thoughts. Both is valid i guess. Some more or the less random thoughts floating through your mind might actually be pretty interesting to some other people. Proper spelling and grammar is nice, but not really relevant imo. One liners as response are funny sometimes, but it gets a bit boring when nothing you ever read on a thread or a forum has any substance whatsoever. Substance doesn't necessarily mean a great deal of reflection though. More often then not it is probably better just to let it flow.
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