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  1. Yeah, no way that wasn't gonna happen. I wonder if some of the larger clans' names got scooped by trolls.... Clan leaders who were active on the rsof clan leaders forums had the option to pre register their clan names to avoid this. So either your friend failed to preregister (the reg page was 30pages long) or his clan is just noob and you got scooped. Without the preregister I'm preference one of my stalker copycat clans would of attempted to jack our name.
  2. Lol at the guy saying to keep staking? If you stake right now and you lose woopity. But if you were in a stake and are winning and the guy logs out you are out the win. The duel arena is glitched right now and youll be scammed if you bet big. If you continue to play until this happens then you were warned and you deserve to lose your stakes. There is no way to know that they are glitching until they log out at the end of the fight. It involves a team of scammers and an in game item. You won't know that they did it unless you are winning an d they log. Goodluck. I reported it on RSOF but you are the people that need to be aware. Mr keep stakign guy, after you don';t get a 500m win that was rightfully yours come back here and tell me how you think its all cool.
  3. Do not play in the duel arena. There is a way for people to fight you and risk nothing. If they get behind they will log out. You then stay in game for 15 min and you get a draw and your money returned. I know the details but I won't say them as I son't want to encourage ppl try it but I will say do not make big bets in the duel arena. Pretty fail. Missed out on a 550M boxing win. the glitchers say it was patched but it obviously is not if they are still doing it today. Be warned.
  4. Had fun playing you today. Wish you well in whatever goals you have. I,ll be watching all your future vids. You have a fan in me.
  5. This individual has many scammers that work in his clan chat. As you can tell by his 1 post, he is just here to get some more victims and is this Type of thread allowed? He has a character named void demise who stole 40 m from me, 20 m from Justin bieber, and 85 m from rx medic. He has a guy named 935 mil who stole 40 m from someone. He had a mod who scammed som guy named virtuous for 200m. This is all within the 2 days I have seen him in action. Interestingly enough when his clan mate void demise flamed my yt channel his first video that popped up was him selling is account. When I pointed that out to him he replaced it with a video cAllling me a scammer. Look up dice yo scams on YouTube and see them in action. If you play with dice yo a level 37 account who has multiple scammers operating in his hat you desrve what you get. But let me tell you the real deal. Don't play at all, the odds are 6-4 that you will lose on every roll of the dice. Stick to awq...take me on my reputation..dice yo scams. Excuse poor spelling and grammar, on a tablet pc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z13R4D7KX4s
  6. Nice method. Someday i'll play you. Do somethign about 4wq and awqq they almost took my money.
  7. Thank you for this thread. I researched all of this . Splashtop is good because it gives you sound and is very easy to set up. Team viewer does not and is a pain. Cloud browse tries to make you pay alot even after you buy the app. It is a total rip off and you are using their computers which is a security risk. This helps you past the limitations of no java/flash and i really enjoy some light fishing and rs chatting on the ipad in bed. Eventually an android tablet will come out and it will solve all the issues. But splashtop is tough to beat if you are stuck with an ipad. Thanks again. And welcome. http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Tablets/ci.MOTOROLA-XOOM-US-EN.overview
  8. Really? I was using Draynor for 2 hours +, didn't see anybody lol. I farm on pvp. I used to tele to draynot toget to fally patch before I figured out the explorer ring. I died there more than any other place. THere are people who camp the spawn or as you walk by the bank theyll come out and harass you. Why do you farm on PvP? :-s Chicks.
  9. Really? I was using Draynor for 2 hours +, didn't see anybody lol. I farm on pvp. I used to tele to draynot toget to fally patch before I figured out the explorer ring. I died there more than any other place. THere are people who camp the spawn or as you walk by the bank theyll come out and harass you.
  10. Yeah ik, just never put that in lol plus its kinda negligable Yeah this is a good method, but usually what I do is I just bring emerald bolts and a crossbow with me and if someone hits me in edge I'll poison them. It usually annoys them and makes them say yeah no point attacking him especially if you drink a brew. But it definitely helps to switch between edge and cw if you do that. If you don't want to pay that much attention its probably a better idea cause then you don't have to worry about getting attacked, and you can do more bones per trip as well due to not needing any food. Definitely will add this in when I have the time. A really simple solution to Edge glorying is Draynor. In about an hour worth of using prayer brawls, didn't see one person. Usually, you can tele and be inside bank once the tele-timer wears off anyway. draynor is terrible imo. Lunar isel is safest imo, mobilizing armies is ok too. draynor always has spawn campers
  11. I got 755 ore out of a pair of mining brawlers. What I did was log on to a bh world, mine all the addy at the hobgoblin mine for 380 each, then log out and move on to the next bh world. After that i did the pvp worlds. After I filled my yak Id go bank, then tele to the monastery with my combat bracelet and go back north to the mine. Took a bit longer but got more xp than expected with this guide. I was not using SC Hammer.
  12. Was confirmed that they can. Closed.
  13. From other players? No. From monsters? yes. Of course silly, from monsters. But if you cant use them on pvp or assist them, my fear was they wouldnt drop. And since I've yet to get a drop. Paranoia sets in. Still hoping for definite first hand proof.
  14. Since the last update you cannot assist or feed an effigy on a PVP world. I need to know if you can get an effigy as a drop now. ALl information welcome. Someone did tell me they did get one 2 weeks ago. But that was before they limited you from working wIth them. Please, PVPers tell me if you have received an effigy on a PVP server.
  15. Police shows up at suspects door Police: Do you play Runescape? Player: Yes Police: were you training fletching? Player: Yes Police: Third one today tbh. The funniest response of all time.
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