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  1. runescape will most certainly burst into flames consuming everyone who was ever associated with it. :roll: come on now, construction took a similar amount of money out of the economy and no one died then, why would anything different happen now?
  2. obviously you didnt READ the article. jagex didn't sttop RWT because they were losing money, they stopped them because they were going to lose the whole GAME. as in, the game you and so many other people take for granted, just because you pay your measly 5 bucks a month. who's being selfish now?
  3. because it goes against the whole principal of the game, and they didn't want to be hypocrites
  4. maybe you werent here for the massive amounts of spamming yesterday that kept admins working 24/7. i wonder how many threads were created in a span of an hour saying "omg jagex ruined our game!" i understand the reasoning behind the update. i even agree with some of the points that are made, however, there are some very fatal flaws in jagex's master plan i've never been a big complainer, and i don't think i've ever complained to jagex about rwt/bots/etc. i just report them when i see them and go on my way. however, the removal of free trade from the game(effectively) is a step too far. one of the things i enjoyed most in this game was the ability to help friends. i can't use the 'assist system' to give a friend who's trying to get a fire cape supplies, i can't use the 'assist system' to let a friend borrow a slayer mask for an assignment. i can't do any of the things i used to do with friends. i can't use the 'lootshare' system to do much of anything really, besides get pissed now. anyone who's used it knows what i mean. the whole damn thing needs to get revamped. it's flawed almost beyond repair. so the "use lootshare to share drops" argument fails in every way. especially at dks. why the hell do i get drops from rex when i'm hybriding? idk, ask lootshare. i'm not a pker, but i have pk'ed before, and am aware of how it works. i tried the bounty hunter game and if i was a pker, i'd be outraged as well. the removal of the teleblock spell for a completely useless teleport(who needs a teleport to find someone with an arrow above thier heads in a small, completely open arena?) is a slap in the face to anyone who trained to 85 mage just for teleblock. i know it no longer has any use, but that's the point. it's the principle of the matter. also, the whole bounty hunter game is ridiculously stupid. it's completely multi, so rouge clans rule. it's nearly impossible to be a hunter. and don't even get me started on wildy revenents. :notalk:
  5. i like this one, it's also the most recent of me. taken a few weeks ago texas motor speedway infield road course(gotta love autocrosses made for corvettes) topped out in 6th + 2.4g cornering = most incredible experience of my life and the only one with my face visible
  6. i doubt it. the only reason many people haven't cancelled thier membership in light of recent updates is to see what summoning's going to be all about. if they released summoning for f2p, i doubt they will have any members left at all.
  7. i've been running around in the wild for nearly an hour and met only 3 revenants, only one of which killed me and that's because i had absolutely nothing on me.
  8. apparently the police simply ignored tips that he was being threatening shortly before this happened, because it "wasn't in thier jurisdiction" in light of how common this type of thing is becoming, i think it should be a felony for police to ignore a threat of violence....
  9. good: saves the day funeral for a friend alkaline trio hidden in plain view incubus the urge bad: the beatles armor for sleep toys that kill velvet revolver hoobastank the academy is etc. etc.
  10. god damn i'm sick of this argument. 1. i'm pretty sure there is no freedom of speech on a privately-owned forum. why do you think censors are allowed? 2. as nadril said, just because you're allowed to say it doesn't make it right. i'm not a fan of rap at all, but it's still music, to say otherwise is just nonsense. 3. how about you appreciate the rights you have instead of abusing them to force your stuck-up opinions on other people. try living somewhere where they don't have freedom of speech, and then thank whatever god you wish that you're allowed to speak, much less voice your opinion. there's not much more sickening than someone abusing a constitutional right to harrass others.
  11. no, construction takes money out of the game beacuse you're paying 500 gp to the game to plank each log, just think of how many logs have been planked since construction came out. also, gold leaf and other construction materals(that can only be bought from shops) are stupid expensive.
  12. see, not even the colleges regard economics as a science. 8-) it was a joke.. haha, get it? laugh now. i disliked economics because they did everything backwards. of course i also had an asian teacher that didn't speak english very well. i got an A somehow though. :uhh:
  13. you make it sound like we're in a depression. tbh i'm glad this happened, as this is what i feel the prices should be at anyway. there should be no reason to pay outlandish prices for some of these goods. 1k each per shark was a ridiculous price to begin with. in fact, it helps me probably more than anyone because the things i'm selling usually(dk drops, etc.) seem to have stabilized or even gone up, and the things i'm buying(pots,food, etc) have gone down. so if this is a crash, i hope the market never returns to normal. \
  14. why are you trying to justify your use of cigarettes through this thread?
  15. this is what i still don't understand about all this: 12 bots combined made ONLY 450 bucks in 163 days? that's terrible money. you can make much more than that working at mcdonalds... one person would need to be running thousands of bots in order to make any amount of money. just get a freaking job. sorry if i misread that, but i'm pretty sure that's what it was supposed to mean.
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