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  1. Ok thankyou. I used to duel alot and being the same combat level as someone is important in order to do 1:1 stake. I think I will not train my summoning atall in order to keep my cb lvl down. Since I won't be using it to stake I won't be needing summoning much anyway!
  2. I've recently returned to RS so this may be an obvious question. If you have gained say 5 cb lvls due to summoning and you enter the duelling arena/ wildy. Are those 5 cb lvl not shown whilst you are in those areas?
  3. I have given it some thought and I will come back with a report of: Iron Mining Efficiency: Profit Per Hour and Xp per hour Coal Mining Efficiency: Profit per Hour and Xp per hour My Maximum Reliable Cashflow Effiency: Profit per hour (+alt xp per hour) From this I can work out whether it is more effective to make large profit first, then buy coal and mine iron for xp or whether mining coal gives the faster gp and xp profit. I currently believe my max cashflow per hour to be low because of the low prices of Nature runes and Chinchompas. They were about 300gp and 850gp respecitvely when I left and I could make approx 600k per hour (I seem to remember) but prices are practically halved so only 300k per hour :/.
  4. I have been inactive for 3 years so some of these questions may seem naive. I've been out of the loop. I also gave all my items away when I left so I have low working capital. My goal is to mine 17000 coal for a specific smithing goal, whilst also raising my mining lvl (currently 76). I use a coal bag and mining urns at the lvl 15 dung dwarf mine, with Varrock armour 1+Glory+Wealth+Rune Pick. I believe this to be a very efficient and short coal route to deposit box. I have made 300 mining urns so my xp is multiplied by 1.2x so far. The Volatile clay tool is a 2.2x mining multiplier but only when it is a pickaxe. I assume it will not last as a pickaxe for long enough to be useful for 17k coal so unless anybody can tell me how much xp/time it can be a pickaxe for that would be appreciated. The sacred clay tool is a 2.0x mining multiplier and has a certain limit on use. What is this limit? Is it a certain number of xp? The Penance horn is a 2.0x mining multiplier. how much xp/time does this last for? The Master Penance horn is a 2.0x multiplier, how much xp/time does it last for? Timewise, it is efficient to spend more time in the BA minigame to upgrade to Masters or does upgrading take longer than the extra multiplier time I would gain. Also how does a penance horn work? Must it be equipped? Which slot does it take if so? Another question about the multipliers, can they stack up. E.g. If i used a sacred clay tool with a penance horn (+urns) is that a (2.0x2.0x1.2) 4.8x xp multiplier bonus? In order to work out whether I should try to gain more multipliers by acquiring A volatile/sacred clay tool and/or the (Master?) Penance Horn, I would need to work out the rough time it would take to gain any of these items. What is the approximate time taken and cost to gain: A sacred clay tool, a Penance horn/Master Penance Horn? Barrage of questions! Thanks.
  5. Ok thx man. I get the implings very regularly as the spawn time is very similar to the time taken to gather one iron ore load (26 due to net and jar). Cheers. Btw when were Kingly Implings released?
  6. Hi, I'm back, for what it matters to you guys, and I have a question about impling spawnings outside the Puro Puro maze. I understand that within the maze, rarer implings have specific spawns such for dragon, kingly etc but outside the maze is the spawning mechanic different? can any impling spawn at an impling spawn in the wider world? I know of the impling spawn by Varrock (Earth altar side, near guards) and often it spawns as baby, young, essence, earth implings (low level) but if I repeatedly catch that impling, will it ever randomly spawn as a rarer impling? If anybody has seen a rare impling spawn at this Varrock location this would answer the question. (and please don't just tell me to go to Puro Puro) I also caught afew in the draynor woods area and then a pirate impling appeared which would suggest that rarer implings can spawn on normally low level spawn locations but as I've been away for several years i'm not sure how rare the pirate impling is so it does not confirm my observation. Any body clear this up for me? --------- also on a slightly more casual note, I'm pretty awesome and no-one from my earlier years still plays this game. Add me: Petercassell :D
  7. I am very glad I couldn't find my card earlier in that case. I was just about to buy members for the first time in 3 years (just for this month) because I missed RS. I will save afew wasted bob now :)
  8. I'm an ex-RS player and I found myself here out of sentimental curiosity for the game. Just thought I'd put in my two cence. I was very dedicated and made a large effort to reach 99 magic with very little initial cash. I mined 180k rune ess, made to natures. Cut 40k Yews +bought 140k yews and fletched them into longs, bought 180k flax and spun it, then strung 180k yew longs and alched them to reach 99 mage from about 60 and made roughly 200m in the process. That was not easy. It was obsessive. I was very happy that I had achieved that and several of my skills had benefited considerably from all that effort but it was certainly not the easiest route to gain all that xp in those skills. I think the point someone made earlier about income/total savings defines the "easyness" of a skill. As a first time player back then my account was not yet optimised for staking (hence why i wanted 99 mage) so essentially infinite income was not available. From my starting point with an average account my efficiency relative to my budget was very high. As a successful staker I also want to say that it's not easy and even if you have built a good staking class you still have to have "the skillz to pay the bills". Your opponents do not just hand over 50m lightly so staking cannot be counted as ridiculously high earning source for everyone! For most people it will take a long time to accumulate the money to buy an entire skill so the effort is distributed in different ways (such as self-sufficiency aswell). It is very hard to compare how much actual effort/time people have put into a 99 if it is buyable (or heavily aided by cash!) on an individual basis.
  9. Well i took piano lessons and trumpet lessons by my own choice. I've carried that on for 10 years :) I like it and if my parents offered me free singing lessons now, i'd take it any day. They did make me go to a childcare thing after school everyday after school during primary school, play the recorder :@, stop playing games during the end of high school, i had to go to church for christmas and i was more or less forced to do Cricket, football, archery etc for a while. I did voluntarily take up those at first but after afew years it gets boring and i wasn't a natural and telling my parents i wanted to quit an activity doesn't go down well. They said I only wanted to quit to spend more time on RS :S and got in a massive hissy fit. overall i didn't get it sooo bad i think though.
  10. 1. Singing 2. Dancing 3. Climbing/ Free running All things which i'm ok at but i would love to be phenomenal at. Thankfully they are all things you can train at.
  11. Were they one of the founders for the Tainted Ones (old bug abuse clan)? I also really enjoy reading about bugs, or watching them. I've downloaded videos of people bug abusing, read the Tainted Ones history, etc.. I'm fascinated by the brilliance of bug abusers, because I don't think the right way to ever be one. I'd never bug abuse though, my account is far too valuable... The Tainted Ones were a fascinating bunch lol. They were a highly successful glitching group on RS. I saw this article and thought immediatley of them as many of these bugs can be attributed to them. I know a fair bit about them as when I used to play RS I was a moderator, and i played on a World (server) where they were particularly active, and I tended to bump into them alot (quite afew times in the act). For example I happened to be around fishing in Catherby when they opened the Walk on Water (to the obelisk) glitch using cats and the agility obstacle. Also I was around when they smuggled GP into the mage training arena and cashed it in for Mage XP so they could instantly boost to 99 mage. And when i went on to investigate the Maul Glitch I recognised a fair few names of the offendors. I spent a fair amount of time at the duelling arena, alching mainly, sometimes high staking, and I'd seen my fair share of glitching done there too. I once had one of them teleport out on a 5 mil stake aswell -.-. Anyway through my regular encounters with them, i'd made afew friends amongst them. It was an odd little relationship; they knew I'd tolerate their low level glitching (appearance change lmao etc) but they knew i'd snap if i saw any malicious giltching. We always found it fun deciding on the fine line. They'd come and show me how they could change their base clothing and appearance or do funny emoticons around Yew Trees and such lol. I was kind of two faced about it all; on one hand I had reached the required number of forum posts on the forums to spy on their planned glitches and then on the other hand i'd chat with them and have PKing trips with them. Some of them would also tip me off on members of the group which they did not like for other offences such as RWITing. It seemed to work in my favour :) In the end, playing with glitchers is risky- some of the Tainted Ones who didn't like me so much, because I aided in the banning of their accounts or interfering with their glitches, came back to bite me... I was cleverly keylogged by them, and Kudos to them i suppose for such an effort, and my account was stripped of 200m and its moderator status- and from there I gradually lost interest in RS altogether and stopped playing. They've done some impressive stuff. But they are against the rules and dangerous. I don't post much atall on these forums atall but thought this was worth posting XD This was kinda a summary of my major experience of glitching
  12. Borrowed this game for a while and had friends over on Saturday and Sunday night :) Was pretty damn fun actually XD
  13. Drums, Euphonium, Tuba, Piano Drums- Rock Band, well we do all sorts from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to System of a Down Euphonium- County Concert Band, Concert band stuff (Marches, some film music etc) Tuba- College Brass Band. Brass band marchy stuff Piano- no Band. I occassionally use it in the Rock Band for stuff like How to Save a Life.
  14. End of Braveheart Confessions in Phone Booth End of Smoking Aces
  15. The Fray - How to Save a Life (its got a backstory aswell behind the single) Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane (acoustic version) System of a Down- Lonely Day
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