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  1. Well this is me, the only pic i could find on the comp lol
  2. thanks, and definatly not from randoms, i sold some chins and just forgot o bank the cash
  3. Sorry, i thought i read through all the rules, didnt see the one about not asking, sorry.
  4. well noones posted on this in a while. i had a good 1 the other day i stupidly clicked on a banshee without earmuffs while i was on very low health i lost -guth spear -guth helm -whip -black mask -glory -99 cape -obby sheild -rune boots -dba im now hunting and training range
  5. AXE468 -- 99 Hunter/Range Hey, Okay well my goal at the moment is 99 Hunter and Range. I'll do it by hunting Carnivorous Chinchompas then using them at PC. This goal came around the other day when I died stupidly and lost a substantial amount of items (8m actually). My goal then was 100 cb (got to 98) then PC until 99 strength. Since I can't be bothered making back the money at the moment I decided to go for 99 Hunt/Range. When I started i was : 71 Hunter 70 Range So I will update this as I go adding pics of levels. [hide=Hunter Levels] [/hide] [hide=Range Levels][/hide] All support is welcomed and also comment and tell me if you think this is an effective way to reach my goal. Also feel free to add me ingame and chat. cheers souleater69 (axe468)
  6. F2P shouldn't get anything other than what they already have. If you want extra items/bank space/areas/quests etc its simple--pay for members! Its what 1 million other people do. Letting F2P onto the forums would be a complete disaster as there would be so many posts. Even giving them acheivement capes wouldn't be a good idea as the number of autoers would increase. Its very simple. If you want additions to the game PAY. Stop moaning about what F2P needs. Jagex aint gonna concentrate on updating something thats not going to make them any money. I know people are going to object so let me have it...
  7. hey gl wit ur goals. chek out my blog? http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=677089&sid=1b74d76ccdb5dee34f9cf728ee2687c6
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