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  1. Hey well i thought i'd post my new best of bank, i have 47.1m cash and i dunno what to spend it on, so i was hopping you guys could give me some sugestions please :) rate/hate/whatever :)
  2. nice work! 10/10 um is that a christmas cracker in the 90 herblore picture on the ground?
  3. Hey my names devilsbreth and ive been playing on and off for about three years, i thought i would post my best of bank and my stats to see how you guys would rate them :D so yea stats 102 combat items i also have 44 pineapple tree saplings in bank, but you cant note them. so thats it, rate or hate and any advice on what to do next is apreciated thanks.
  4. i would play rs2 still if my account didnt get transfered worked to hard on this account just to start again
  5. first will be: fletching next:firemaking
  6. got reported for standing next to some1s dead fall trap... saying i was scaring his prey away lol
  7. Right i was on bebo (like myspace) making a skin, and also alching dr jerkkl payed me a visit nd i didnt notice i found myself in the nice white castle in fally!!!! Items lost: 4k nats 4k yew longs 1m cash or around there face mask frog leather :evil:
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