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  1. of course it's possible i remember back in the day people said all 99s was impossible
  2. i never do pvp but for pvm i find the enhanced excalibur is great whilst training with a whip and i dont see many people using it not only does it heal you a considerable amount also raises my defence level from 91 to 105 and by time i can do special again my defence level is only down to 99 so its like a permanant higher level :D
  3. i dont like this idea i think it would split the community in half
  4. ill be happy to see them up the maximum level its been long overdue in my opinion since so many people have now maxed it
  5. yes please not to fussy about color but black can be good
  6. could anyone help me with this: i need a logo with the word radged in some nice but crazy lettering then a sub title as adj. Mental, in a daft state of mind. Used as "Are you radged?". any funny images u could include in the backgroudn which would suit this word would also be a help thank you very much 700 x 200 would be a good size
  7. can anyone direct me to a site or post some really old rsc pics like when you had white and balc mage and good and evil prayer or before fishing came out etc ive used search but i cant seem to find any jsut the oldes pics any1 has of rsc. or when carpentry was on the skill list :P
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