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    i love alcohol, got a few bottles of good whisky, and a beer after work or at festivals. i did mushrooms and some weed wen i was younger, shrooms where cool.. weed is overrated. but whatever floats your boat
  2. Your wrong, runescape is a childgame, my litle brother plays it, and i always have to translate it for him , really annoying. 35% of the rs players are dutch.
  3. HA , there are no REAL macroers annymore, yes, they where a real plague in rsc, now they are dead, ofcourse, there are some, but not that they couldnt ruen the game.. i have never bothered to anny macroer, atleast they dont start to talk to me and then report me for asking their name. ANNYWAY, im gonna quit here, i will come back in 5 years, see what has changed, will there be more macroers, will there be less, will there still be a , *haha you got banned* communitie , will jagex ever delete filters and Make sure that none under the age of 16 can get member. Nice discusion, i dont hate you, im just bored, and im getting sick of the people that get a boner of someone getting banned. Goodday sir. :ohnoes:
  4. Oh yes, make rares untradable. Sure, I have no problems with that, except jagex is not going to do it. Whereas the thing those two did is against the rules and jagex will do something about it. And no, I've never said "tip.it," or broken ANY of the rules in the past 6 years of having this account. so if your best mate told you he bought full verac for real money, would you report him. yes, you are a sad person no, you are a good person, yet you are a rule breaker.
  5. But do you still get decent grades/do your job well? Do you still have a social life? If you answered yes to both questions then thats perfectly fine. Yep, I've had honor roll (B average) for 2 years straight. But, however, everyone who knows me in real life thinks I'm gay and wierd. So, no, no social life. Hey who needs a social life, you got runescape! \ I do feel better when macroers and people who buy rs gold are banned. I then know that A. Training spots won't be filled with macroers and B. I'm now not trying to compete against someone who buys rs gold to get what they want. But you i bet you said tip.it once on rs, i think you should be banned for 10 years, cuz that against rules!! oh noes. BTW, lets make rares untradeble, then there wont come in annymore money!!, and it will posibly also stop the big scams, hooray.
  6. I love to discus about this, if somehow that *HAHA YOU GOT PUNISHED, I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW* community dies, il return. i mean, i bet someone here said tip.it on rs once, you are a rule breaker and should be banned for 10 years. BTW lad above me, those santas ruin the game already, why bother about macros, how about make all rares untradeble?
  7. Yeah right, I've got an account that I'm perfectly happy with and I'd give you $1200 to buy your account? What kind of an idiot are you? A idiot that wasted 5 years on that crap. You sir, need to learn how to spell. Apart from that, it all depends on your conscience. If you want to do it, fine, but don't come crying if you get banned. Similarly, Jagex imposed these rules, not so they could break it themselves, but so that everyone will be in an equal footing in terms of their status as an RS player. You said its legal in most MMORPG's.......yet you only mention one? First of all, im trying my best, as im not from england. I dont come crying, becouse i dont give a damn about it, i havent logged in for 1.5 years , im just saying, leave people alone, quit the lame comunity in rs, its so freaking childish, its like telling your mother that your younger brother stole a cookie out of the cookie yar, comeone gimme a break. And about the Eguality, screw that, why can p2p get faster money and get the stats faster that f2p?, YEAH there we got it, MONEY. And yes, i only called one mmorpg, as im only familiuer with that one, but there are lots, trust me.
  8. Well actualy its legal in most of the mmorpgs *eve online*
  9. Yeah right, I've got an account that I'm perfectly happy with and I'd give you $1200 to buy your account? What kind of an idiot are you? A idiot that wasted 5 years on that crap.
  10. offer me 1200 and my acount is yours. Thougt so. *my point is, stop bothering other people , if people wanna macro ,wathever, you just play for the fun, if you play for the money, to be the best. quit life now.
  11. Il Give everyone 5000 bucks if you all quit the game. hipocrits, mind your own business. Why The [bleep] would you want to have him banned. Everyone would sell his acount for 5000, even jagex would sell 126 acounts for 5000 each if someone offered them on big scale. Dont be a hipocrit.
  12. i used to play 7 hours a day. gotten a bit older now, 5 years older that is, i quit rs, thank god, what i did with the acount remains a secret :P. lets just bring it this way, to start a new hobby, you need to have the new hobby.
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