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  1. I'm disappointed that the second article didn't touch the subject that Jagex DID create and implement the most effective anti-bot mechanism ever pulled-off in an MMO, the Trade Limit, only to throw it all in the trash 3 years later. Of course, it didn't stop casual players using bots, but it did drastically reduce RWT botting. They had said in 2008 that if they did not implement the TL, the RWTers and bots would take over the game, spelling doom for RS... why wouldn't it also be true in 2011? This could have been a perfect opportunity to point out their incongruence.
  2. <_< Both accusations are wrong. I have a very good long term memory, and was lucky enough to experience tangle vine twice and to be involved in forum discussions about it on rants in the RSOF, some five years ago or more. The NPC was a very common suggestion; it was the only notable one to making tangle vine fairer. I signed a petition to do this at the time. Intelligent criticisms are welcome. You seem to have become offended by the question. I am only curious; I am not accusing you of copying from the Wiki! It could have been a coincidence, or someone decided to add your Times article's part to complement the Wiki article. However, the wording there has been altered, it is now alot different from your article's, when just a few hours ago it was almost the same. Did you not like the Wiki's similarity and edited it?
  3. You took the words out of my mouth with your 3 paragraphs there. I began playing in 2004 but quit in March this year, not because I found the game boring but because it was evident Jagex had fallen a long way from what it was originally. They are probably richer than they ever were, but the game is the worse it's ever been because of their decisions that favour money over game quality. The return of free trade, after having stated for years it would never be back, along with their resetting of botter stats instead of permbanning them were the last two drops in a full-to-the-brim cup. Despite still liking the game, I refuse to financially support a company that so blatantly disregards good gameplay and their customers. The release of MLP only reconfirmed my diagnosis.
  4. Someone might already have made a topic about this, but I searched the first page and found nothing. So I am posting it. I apologize if it's old news or something. I heard from my friend today the legendary Woox16 was quitting RS. I found this interview with him on Youtube: I suspect this guy has set the standard for PvM greatness that people will still attempt to emulate years from now. And who would have thought he was born in 1996! Coincidentally, after 7 years of playing and before seeing his interview, I also decided to quit for the same reasons he did, despite still finding the game rather entertaining. Jagex just can't be trusted, and the return of Free Trade (after years of consistently saying it would never come back) and justifying it by saying they "can keep bots under control" was the last drop in their full cup of lies.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db-pX9ZXaBU This one? Thank you, kind sir.
  6. [cabbage] like this makes me lose faith in Jagex. Not more than 2 years ago they came out with this newpost stating their detection systems are now so advanced they can even know the version of the bot that's being run, a few months ago they supposedly strengthened their anti-bot policy and now ban botters permanently. This guy claims he ranged botted for 4 months 24/7 and his ranged has not been touched. How can he bot straight for 4 months without any detection if their systems are so great? My IRL friend has been botting for quite some months already and his account is fine and dandy. I've seen videos on youtube by a guy that investigated botting (can't remember his name) by going into botter forums and such and people there get banned for 3 days, or 2 weeks, but not permanently (WHEN they actually get banned, which doesn't happen that often). Seriously Jagex...
  7. Hmm I asked a friend to come help me test this in friendly clan wars. While my boost was 10% and his def -17%, I killed him, he came back instantly and his def did not start out at -17%, but rather -10%. That way it is dependent on the length of the battle for each individual opponent. Bah.
  8. I am thinking of switching to Ancient curses for the Armadyl boss, so I can use Leech defence on him. I have used it in the past but I still don't grasp how it works. To make it easier to understand, let's say both me and my opponent have a natural defence level of 100 (I know, it's impossible, but bear with me). Now, Leech defence starts reducing the opponent's def by 10% and increasing mine by 5%, and over time it can drain his 25% and boost mine 10%. So if I fight sufficiently long with the opponent, by defence will be 110 while his is now 75. Now my opponent dies and instantly respawns. If I engage battle with him, my defense will still be 110, but will his start out at 75 from the beggining of the fight or will it be 100 and will decrease slowly as I fight? In other words, is the defence drain dependent on how good my own defense bonus currently is, or how long I have fought the opponent for, thus resetting for each new enemy? Thanks.
  9. The minimum cost has you buying materials for the minimum GE price, and selling the potions for the maximum GE price. The maximum cost works the other way around, that is you buy materials for max price and sell potions for min. This is mentioned in the instructions. The prices are synchronized with the GE, so changes in GE prices are reflected in the numbers produced by the calculator. Edit: I also broke it. Stay tuned... The instructions say: "It first lists the minimum amount of money you will have to spend (buy min, sell max), then the maximum amount of gold (buy max, sell min)." Those instructions are far from being as clear as they could be. A simple rephrasing makes it much clearer: "The calculator yields two values. The first is the money spent if materials are bought at minimum price in the GE and the resulting potions sold at maximum price. The second value is materials bought at maximum price and potions sold at minimum." Also, there should be a third value, being potions and materials all bought at medium price, which I believe is the most common scenario. The usability improves alot that way.
  10. I do not understand at all how the calc considers the price. Is "X to Y" interval dependant on what? Whether you clean the herbs, buy and sell the stuff for max or min in the GE? Also, does the price range vary accordingly as the price of the materials and potions change in the GE? Otherwise the calc offers very little use. You should add a detailed guide on how the calc draws its prices in the calc's page.
  11. Crit2h, to quote you can copy the person's text, paste in your answer, then put
  12. Racheya, you didn't point out there are fundamentally 2 types of inefficiency, the aware and unaware types. I for example prefer to train Thieving in Pyramid Plunder rather than the Thieving Guild because the first is more dynamic. I choose to be less efficient in xp/h terms in favor of making the activity less of a grind to me. I am making a conscious rejection of efficiency in this case. However what I think most often occurs is people that are simply unaware of better methods that involve similar grinding or fun. Such as when training herblore and someone makes a pot that costs 2k to make instead of one that costs 1.5k and both give the same XP per potion. It annoys me to no end; those people are losing money for absolutely no good reason! I hate to see pointless waste like that. Also, in certain situations you can't give yourself the luxury of being inefficient, such as when dungeoneering with a group. By wasting your own time, you also waste the time of 4 other people, wich isn't fair at all. Some of them are very xp/h and/or time-conscious, they have to go to sleep soon, etc. You should have touched upon this matter as well. Great article nonetheless.
  13. Oh boy... I giggle to think of what the author will feel when attempting Mourning's End's part 2's Agility obstacle. Now THAT'S what I call frustration unless you have 70+ agility...
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