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  1. kewl i like r&b, a little rap, rock, punk, metal, pop
  2. well what sounds good to u then?
  3. i respect u for that bubsa
  4. did u really get that close to bono... how about larry mullen... oh your soooooooooooooooooo luckyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. marvin gay never heard him its just obvious hes.. well... GAY then elton john and mayhem
  6. holiday my favorite member is the bass guitarust or billie joe cant decide
  7. ya greenday sounds A LOT BETTER those who like U2 whats ur fave song from each decade (80's 90's and TODAY ((even though soounds kinda cheesy the today what the what am i typing o......k......)))
  8. then y did u reply to this?? IF U2 AND GREEN DAY SUCK??
  9. id say adam clayton he does it for u2
  10. u2 just ended the vertigo tour :(
  11. u2 just ended the vertigo tour :(
  12. my uncle lives down in arizona and hes been to a ton of u2 concerts
  13. meanie!!!!!! anyone who doesnt like greenday is mean
  14. If u could play any instrument what wuold it be? i would say drums
  15. the electric violins been around since the 80s
  16. darth vader or darth sidious
  17. about the political thing i mean why almost every song has a political part like holiday "make way for the president gasbag" i mean obviously they dont like the president but they dont have to sing about it all the time
  18. i have a poster of greenday in my room... then my aunt is obsessed billie joe and.. and.. she slept in my room when she came here
  19. i like both (obviously) has anyone heard "city of the blinding lights" by U2?
  20. Holy crap!!!! u r sooooooooooo luckeeeeeeeeee id do almost nething except marry a nerd or go on a date with 1 to go to a green day concert!!!!!!!!
  21. I like U2, Green Day, kelly clarkson, fallout boy, ciara and thats all i can think of right now...
  22. anyone like U2 or Green Day??[/img][/url]
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