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  1. It says cannont find server...
  2. Where do i download that teragin program.
  3. Guess I'm never getting mine :roll: Ordered like 2 months ago, talked to you in-game, was told it'll take a day or two. Here I am two months later sigless...thanks.
  4. Name: Dangarous Color: Green Please :) Quote: 80+ Woodcutting Style: Abstract, shiny 8) Also, just wondering if you could make me a clan banner too? I could pay 25k if you want, but something that would look good on tipit forums, since ours are the same color but invision.
  5. Just wondering, will I get mine or am I past the deadline? Cause I really love your work and want mine :cry:
  6. I was wondering if I could have a copy of mine without the text? If so, thanks alot.
  7. Oh!! That's what that big ball of gasses is! I thought it was a soccerball, silly me :roll: Nice sig, I also like the simplicity and the font itslef, not really the placement. !8/10!
  8. Styles: I can do Grunge/Landscape/3d Abstract Colours: What ever you want Text: Type of font + name & quote Images: Currently I will not be doing images on any signatures. Style: 3d Abstract Colors: Dark green/yellow Text: Any font that goes good, if you could, could I have one with a font of your choice and one with no words? Name: Dangarous, Quote: 80+ Woodcutter Images: None! PS: your sigs own all! BTW I like sigs that are long and short, not too long not too short!! I can't wait![/b]
  9. I love it! I think your style is amazing, way better than anyone else here....imo of couse! :D
  10. Thanks for mine, I'm gonna change the text but other than that 0wnage!
  11. Name: Dangarous Type (like the first one, or the others): Abstract Colors: Green Picture (optional): None Stats/Quote: 80+ Woodcutting Others: None PS: I Love your sigs, they're very nice. I can't wait for mine too!
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