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  1. Offer on it, I have quite a few samples of it in different colors, so if any look good to you, offer on it. If you wish to outbid someone, at least bid 7k more than that person. Thanks.
  2. If you want to have color in the water, desaturate it a bit (the original sig, not the black and white), not all the way though, cause that'll just give the gray color again. Also work on the font a bit, add a stroke, maybe some beveling and a white outer glow would go well with the black and white sky.
  3. The fact that the sky is black and white, and the rest of the landscape is in color looks it look weird. Perhaps get the sig to be fully grayscale rather than a mix of both. Also, get a border added as already said. The gradient text doesn't look the best because the darkest part of the gradient blends in with the background to some extent, making it hard to read.
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