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  1. :wub: Anyways my list goes like this. 1. DS - They beat DI for the #1 spot and no one has beaten them yet so they deserve this spot for the moment. 2. Gladz - DI/Gladz - Both clans dominate almost all the clans under them except for a few exceptions. 3. *look up* 4. SA/RSD - Sorry 'the', but SA can pull mass numbers and has very good organization. I nice group to hang out with I must say. For RSD they have good numbers, and levels, not so sure about organization, but a good group nonetheless. 5. *look up* 6. THE - I'm so proud of you guys you've been owning it up lately keep it up! :D 7. Anarchy - They can pull DS/Gladz like numbers, but the numbers and levels and organization are nowhere near. 8. Exer - You guys have potential, just keep working on it. 9. BK/other random clans. Even though I hate BK I don't think they're totally off the map yet. This is what mass recruiting does to you. :roll: 8.
  2. Before I say this i think that if it came to miniwars TD would be number 1 on my list. 1] DI 2] Gladz 3] ZF 4] BK 5] TD 6] MK 7] THE 8] DS 9] Jags 10] TRWF
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