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  1. Only one exisiting vid left on youtube ; ) yeah maggotleader was a great pker but i had like 130 more whip pks then him ^^ But he had 2 party hat pks
  2. :< I never had a imagesh acc, i just went upload mode.
  3. Sorry didnt know where to post this or who to ask. I recently decided to start playing rs again (not as hardcore as i used to) and i had alot of my whip pks and other pks posted on the graveyard forums and i wonder if they still exist somewere in the database or is there anyway i can get the pics? Thanks. And for the people that dont recognize me, i used to be one of the most famous pkers, pking with maggotlader and other peps and i was in lead with most whip pks in the whole game (160+ whip pks) during back in the days, 2005-2006. Edit: The signature is really old.
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