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  1. Hey Zel! How goes? Well, recover didn't work....because, even though I filled everything out (including the membership invoice and whatnot) they weren't able to recover it..... I'll try it one more time.
  2. I forgot my password, that was why I tried to access the password recovery section in the first place. So....am I stuck now?
  3. To post, I'll need an account with high enough skill total? So...I can't post...and *how* would I go about PMing *Jagex*?
  4. Well, it looks like getting my account back will be impossible.....Waiting for some help.
  5. Well....I think Jagex forgot my account....heh. I'll try pming someone. Thanks.
  6. Heh, I tried logging in but my account seems to be gone.....wonder what happened to it. There's someone else named mathisfun and I can't do a password recovery on my account for some reason.
  7. I tried recover password but I think the system thinks the current "mathisfun" is the actual account and won't let me recover. I shouldn't be bumped out of the High scores. This is the last picture I have showing my stats and user name.....: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Hey mate, good to see that you're still going strong. How are things?
  9. Hey guys! It has been a while since I've posted on Tip.It...but I seem to have a problem. My account is gone from the high scores on Runescape...and in its place is an account with 37 hunter as the only stat on the highscores. Now, anyone want to enlighten me as to what is going on? Is my account gone for good? Where is my account? Before I get something along the lines of: Are you sure you had stats over 30, 40, 50, etc...then Yes. I had all my stats above 60 at the time I stopped playing. So...anyone want to tell me what's going on? Mat
  10. So...I hadn't logged in for over a year. I was wondering where my account is since it doesn't even seem to appear in the HighScores. Anyone want to shed some light on this? Did Jagex decide to delete all unused accounts or something?
  11. I think I know you. Good luck with your goals. :) :thumbup:
  12. already tried the reinstalling and everything. That other game worked fine, but right now runescape is also functional only because i just downloaded opera.. wonder how many days it is going to work before problems arise once again.
  13. Recently, I returned to Runescape after a long break and when I came back I started experiencing problems. I used Firefox and every 10-15 minutes my Java would just disappear and the screen would go white and I wouldn't be able to play; therefore, I downloaded Google Chrome and started using that - this was much faster and the white screen was quite rare. I could play for an hour or two and nothing would happen it was normal except the lag which wasn't that bad. On tuesday it got considerably worse, but playable. After Tuesday, I have been unable to play due to the Java issue. The Java loads, the game loads, i can even log in but once I log in I can't do anything due to massive lag and the screen turns white and the java disappears from the tray. I have no idea what to do, I did run a few virus scans and stuff and deleted the infected files etc. I reinstalled the latest Java 3 times, my chrome is the latest version, my firefox is the latest version. Btw, same issue with internet explorer. I have done disk defrag, history/cashe clean up on all browsers and using various external programs. I have no idea what to do now :(. Any solutions? Computer: PC Dell XPS M140 Java 6 update 14 ---- Pretty sure it is not an issue with any of the computer specifications as it was working until very recently.
  14. Mat

    The IB Diploma

    I find it funny how people think near perfect grades will get you into oxford/cambridge. There is so much more to it then that.. a person with less then perfect can easily get in over a person with perfect. its about passion for the subject and how good your ps is and you work experience and how well you do in the interview.
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