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  1. slick

    favorite games

    k i wanted to make a topic about your favorite games mine are final fantasy,geneforge 3(computer game i would put the link to but i dont know if its aloud), and super smash bros. melee, and gues what i even like pokemon i dont care if u flame me i like all games that i think are good(nice one halo) and in my part pokemons good.(swampert is the coolest ever.)
  2. dang im sry ur leaving ur leaving lol when i saw the title i thaught it was some1 talking about there grandfather then when i saw the post i was like o kewl another drop party then when i looked at the sigs of the person wo was having the drop party i noticed it was u so i wana come even more now lol.so i have 2 questiongs (1) what would the time be for me i live in oregon Gmt -8 pacific(us canada) and (2) in my sig can i use ures and put under it "heres to another lost player"?
  3. there soma got wat i was asking for i was asking for fav by looks lol mine was black unicorns cause there cute..... and vicios teamers.
  4. that would be a realy good idea ........ if i could find himm but i like that u posted a good idea and didnt complain.
  5. k as some ppl know there is a guy on here that for his sig has a stickfigure fight his name is like bloodrain69 or some like that anyways i want to know how he does that cause me and my friend have been in the stickfigure mood for a month now and i want to make a sig like that for me so bloodrain69 or watever ur name is plz look here and post how you do that.all detail included plz. now plz dont move this is or close it plz atleast until some1 post how to do that.and i put it here because i think this is were he looks all the time. so plz dont close or move this till some1 tells me how to do that.
  6. lol. i didnt exactly mean fav to kill but that works to my fav not to kill just fav are defenently black unicorns lol im a guy to.i couldnt get a pic cause i dont know how to do the print screen thing.
  7. i just wanted to make a topic for favorite p2p monsters just post it here and plz for those noobs out there post a pic of it im trying to get a pic of mine ill have it soon in the mean time post urs here.
  8. i just wanted to see everyones mytery eggs.(hatched or not hatched) just post here so i can see them. and i didnt put this is f2p cause no f2p had one.
  9. slick


    hey i have beeen wondering on what the game wow was do any of you know? plz post here if you do.
  10. umm what time would it be if i lived in oregon?so im in the same tiime zone as the california dude.
  11. i think that pures kill because a friend has been staying at my house for a month and he has 5 more months anyways he has a mage/archer pure and if u havent noticed if his archer doent go over his mage lvl he wont raise a combat lvl, anyways (stormy mage4) im saying his name because you should look in the highscores he has 39 mage and 8 archer and he is lvl 25 he has owned so many ppl it is not even funny.
  12. well its over and not many ppl showed up, but thanks for all of u who did and whoever gave him anything... i gave him a bunch.
  13. k 10 minutes till his b-day party upstaires in the big bank at varrok. also i would like to thank the person that gave snakey190 the kite shield he wanted. :D
  14. ok i changed my time so i will post here at 8:50 here to tell u 10 minites before it starts.
  15. it says i posted at 8:55 and i dint its 8:04 here
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