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  1. I hope your not looking for respect, because your a douchebag of a staker.. I wouldnt even give you the benefit of being called a staker, more of a douchebag child that gets his excitement from scamming and winning pixels. Pro Life.
  2. Hands down, the best update i've seen in years. It's too bad so much has been added since staking was taken away. Old dds+whip stakes wont exist. Vls+rapier/cls is gonna have to be the way to go..meh.
  3. no clue really, got it in little spurts, claw drop here and there..about 4k frost bones gathered myself..some dbones from slayer... the biggest jump i remember was 88-95 being 118m
  4. yep, we just finished a duo decided to get there =]
  5. If you asked me when i started rs if i'd ever get this...id say no.. nonetheless.. just 99summon left, which is easy imo.
  6. thank you and hiya :wink: I've been back for a little while now, sadly im getting bored with things already..hoping to find something else to spark my interests soon. Maybe hunt for Divine/Ely.
  7. Haven't made a topic here in a very long time, but this deserved it in my opinion. finally maxed combat! got this about a month ago too small rs break. div or ely one day.. great td trip. got both claws and shard in 10 kills.. got this today.. thats all. hi
  8. i VERY rarely post on these forums. But this deserved one, awesome job! and a 100/10 for the rsc stats, very cool, love it.
  9. i tried but my post wasnt there lol, i generally dont play more than an hour or two a day, but i had the day off work, why not =]
  10. very nice, im trying to do quests myself for tormented demons. But hey, you only joined a little sooner then me =]
  11. very nice, if it makes you feel any better, i haven't made a thread in 3 years =]
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