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  1. yaaa it was java! thanks guy maybe i shouldnt use IE in the future
  2. omg UGLY not swiftkit, i just downloaded it and it looks great but, it also crashed, like closed down. am i hopeless lol
  3. IE is what i used since the very beginning, but tonight it crashed, and it almost killed my computer for like 30 min i read about this, but not fully aware. now, i downloaded firefox, but when i click member button from the runescape home, the firefox crashes too! and just closes down. how would i solve this? (i saw something, maybe its ad-ons?) my fault if this is in the wrong section
  4. ive dropped my salve (e)s in non member :ohnoes: long ago do i have to restart basically the whole thing and kill that monster again? to get the gem key? thanks!
  5. i have the same problem, and still do like an hour ago the loading screen wasnt processing and when i finally go to the log in screen, it says error connecting server. ive reinstalled java, updated my windows twice. anyone help? respect
  6. will i be auto logged even if a bandit is attacking me or either he kills me or i clear the whole room, -if even possible and i have ring of life on, so does that mean i can sit at my computer and do something else for 30min
  7. thankks!! att-85 stre-91 def-82 :pray:
  8. i got members yesterday again and i thought it would be a good profit killing here but sincethen i got 4 rune sq, not even scim anymore can anyone confirm any rune drops/ dragon at cockroaches? because all the guides vary where else is a good spot to train melee? thanks!!
  9. lymnli


    girls! =) jk heights and needles and crocroaches EW
  10. watch out there are bullies, drugs, guns and michael jackson hope u will survive and ask us how to live through grade 7!!!
  11. if u say so... i got 71 fishing would it be fast for me to fish monks and 6 quests! =O
  12. i am 71 fishing i want 80 which is faster exp? or even lobsters...i dont wanan try fly fishing because i want some profit...enough of that!! =___= but if i want to fish monks i have to do 6 quests! =( is monk fishing really fast then, if not maybe i should stick to swordies (and the stre exp)
  13. does that scam work well >.< u must been greedy and saw the 600k of stuff, human nature. =)
  14. and how to open it... where are these monks.i cannot find them anywhere to get the key. go to south of ardy, theres an altar with lvl 5 monks
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