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  1. yeah it would save me money and yeah it would be easier :P but i have fun doing it, plus i am MADLY addicted to M&M's and then the paperonly costs like... 50 cents. sooo its not that much money that im losing. lol.
  2. Alright, I'm making sigs, out of M&M's, and they are real :P lol. You have different choises of what you want, and I will do anything. I can try to do pictures... but i'm not too good with artsy kinda stuff :P i can do designs and I can write ur name. !!ADDED I WILL NOW WRITE STATS WITH MINI M&MS!! PRICES: One plain sig, with just ur name 10k Sig with name and border 15k Sig with name and picture/design 20k Sig with name and picture/design and border 25k Sig with Certain colour paterns 20k Sig with colour patterns, name, picture 25k Sig with colour patterns, name, picture, and border 30k Sig with colour patters, name, and border 25k Sig with name and picture, with stats (written in mini M&M's) 40k Sig with name and picture, stats, border and colour pattern 55k Sig with name, and stats 35k Sig with name, border, and stats 40k Sig with name border and colour pattern 45k That should be it... If there is something else you would like e-mail me [email protected] (2 spaces) Or on yahoo Messanger Preciousgrrljustforyou !! IF YOU HAVE YAHOO YOU CAN WATCH YOUR SIG BEING MADE !! !!NEW!! - You now have the choice of a Black background, or a white background, when i get more money, i will buy different colours of paper, so if you would like a certain colour, then tell me and i will buy it next.
  3. Alright. so since i just stared doing them today. they arent going to be perfect :P but they will be better!!! Here is Peters sig and another example. now when i get more money :P more M&Ms will be bought, and i will buy different colours of paper so u wont have to have jsut a white background. :) so addme or post if u want one [email protected] (two spaces) or on yahoo Preciousgrrljustforyou NEW!!! I HAVE BLACK PAPER NOW :D
  4. lmao. all those posts... and only one person wants one :P about hte quality, its gonna be alot better, its just cuz i wasnt planning on makling it a sig, iw as just writing tigurs name for fun, then he wantewd it as a sig, so i just showed him with my webcam. all other sigs will be made on a white back ground and taken with a camera :P Not with a webcam. lol.
  5. Yeah people :D Ill do diff designs for you, and i can try and do pictures... lol. but keep it simple. cuz i am no artist. M&Ms r limited so i might not be able to do exactly what you want... but ill try. Add me on Msn [email protected] Or post here.
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