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  1. From the Jagex Forums regarding the Granite Helm:
  2. Great guide. I've been there myself from 81-83 mining at the moment. The EXP isnt bad. I get anywhere from 30k- 42k an hour. Depending how concentrated I am.
  3. Well last nite, I tried to use PayByPhone to subscribe to members. After calling the number and writing down the pin they gave me. I verified it and made sure it was right before I even hung up. So, I go put it in the site, and it says the pin has already been used. Has anyone else ever had this problem, if so what did you do?
  4. Get em while theyre hot, these awesome sigs are hand made to your liking. They cost a mere 50k each, but they are awesome. Stare in awe at the example below: Note: Images can be resized to fit signature restrictions. Order them now, before she eats all the m&ms :).
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