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  1. so? So? What? Prayer pots are already ridiculously high in price and good luck getting profit form slayer when prayer pots would double the price and cannonballs as well. Not worth it.
  2. It would be pointless. The variety of the skill will be eventually taken over by grinding Slayer. One task could take up to 3-4 days, depending on the level and how crowded the place can be. Also the prices of super sets, prayer potions, cannonballs and so on will go up drastically, while whips, dragon boots, dark bows and so on will go down in price due to the amount of people killing them.
  3. slayer is buyable to a point, you can buy a load of prayer potions and use piety on all of your tasks, or cannon ofcourse. No it's not. That just boosts the experience. Therefor mining is buyable because you can buy a pickaxe? Or fishing because you bought a net, harpoon or feathers? Slayer is the slowest skill in RuneScape currently. Runecrafting is easily 40-50K/h with ZMI. Slayer is anything from 15-50K. Killing 300+ any monsters will make Slayer like mining or woodcutting, repeating the same thing over and over again. Hence the reason the tasks are up to 200. That makes the skill vary more and makes it less annoying.
  4. Lol? Epic waste of slayer experience right there. Warped terrorbirds give like 154exp per kill, can easily get 100-400K worth of loot every task and they're fast with cannon. Scabarites are like 5-10 minute task near the crocodiles south-east desert with cannon. Goraks take 15mins with cannon at fairy place.
  5. 98 prayer banked, working towards getting 99 banked.
  6. I don't keep stuff in my bank I don't use, this way I have more cash to afford skills.
  7. 96 prayer banked, which will get me 137 combat.
  8. Maybe you could stop being such a smartass and drop it?
  9. Not at all, most of it is gathered from my way to 99 Slayer.
  10. Got this yesterday :). This on friday. And my bank 5 days ago:
  11. Grats, I'm also going for this, trying to get everything that's possible from those rewards :).
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