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  1. As i see this the EEE takes a lot of high skills and the SGS only takes money and 2 lvl. 70 skills, I think its fair the EEE is better.
  2. Fun was what used to get from playing, fun was alot of things, but fun is not the thing i get when i play now. don't know if it's myself or the game but its just not the fun it used to be.
  3. I swear if it can play it, I will begin Runescape again
  4. I 2nd that, it's one of the reasons Runescape is not that tempting as before.
  5. Make it Denmark. That way I won't have to travel far, and kids under 18 can drink as well :mrgreen: Everyone is happy! i 2nd that :D if they made i Denmark maybe i could finely get back to runescape :/
  6. Why the stole? From my understanding Leonidas never wore something even resembling one :huh: the original posted by me some years ago ;)
  7. anyone got a picture of the new graphic on max in a stunning location ?
  8. a little girl named Ruby have lost her Dragon necklece, or something along those lines.
  9. The thing i really don't get it that people can't seem to think that there is like a 99% chance that we get some new dungeons to explore it's not like they only release one dungeon in all of the skills life, try and wait 6 month and i think we have alot more dungeons to lvl in.
  10. finely a high lvl weapon to aim for. all the others were like a one time buy that alot of peope had (godswords and alike) that is very expensive, isen't what alot of people had asked for, and also try thinking about the lvl 90 and 95 weapons
  11. my old winner outfit for the unofficiel tip.it cape contest ;)
  12. i wrote that reply as my way of getting this tread back in the light, now that there is new content about the strange powers ;) (ps, i read the hole new lands tread , before i posted here )
  13. hey anyone heard of the new area where the guards tell you that you can't enter? but they also talks about the strange powers:mellow:
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