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  1. Hello all, After a break for over 2 years, I decided to come back a bit to RS. :) I left this game over 2.5 years ago, because I was bored by the grind really. I played Lord of the Rings Online for over 2 years with a lot of fun, and quite hardcore, I must say. However, one week ago, I melted the motherboard of my laptop of overheating. As I dont have money for repairing it at the moment, Im stuck with an old pc for my study. But I was really bored, and looked back at RS, and saw there were quite a lot of new quests I can do. Because really, the quests in RS are the best ever seen. So now you know that, Ive got some questions about the new things/things I forgot ;) -Is it possible to turn the chat filter off? I know its good for younger people, but Im an adult, dont mind the swearing, and already annoyed by it filtering non-swearing words. -I found myself with this in my bank/inventory. Equipped I have whip+2pieces of guthan IIRC+that helm with wings. How much is this worth, as I have no idea. Not only, howmuch is it worth in gold, but how much is gold worth? I have 1.2m, is that a lot/normal/less? Ive got no clue at all. -I had a santa hat a long time ago, but sold it. Was that wise? I read some stuff I dont remember good anymore about rares that got out of the market by trading with NPC's? -What are other good items I should get for armour/weapons? I have 74 melee stats, 72 magic, 67 ranged, and dont plan on a lot of grinding to lvl it. Any nice gear for my lvl? -Any other stuff that is recommanded to do? Im kinda overwhelmed as I have no idea really. Except for quests. -Does the specific world system work well? So when I wanna play CW, I can easily log to the world that is assigned and find a lot of people? Or is CW a bit dead? -No offense intended, but is combat really that boring as I remember it to be? Just target a mob, and go afk untill its dead? I come from a game where I played a burglar (thats a kinda rogue type) with a +50% damage bonus when attacking from behind. So I was paying attention the whole time for every skill I used to get that bonus damage, so just standing there and watching seems kinda boring really. Thats it for now, Ill probably find out more questions later. :P ============ EDIT1: -What kind of weapon do you want in general? A fast weapon or slow weapon? -What defines your damage output? Only the +strength, or other things as well? -Is it normally accepted to play a female char as a male? In other games Ive played, it was accepted as normal roleplaying to play both male and female chars (and sexual undefined dwarfs). I started to play LotRO as a male elf, but he was just very ugly, so after that Ive come used to playing female chars. Now, the community in LotRO was a lot different then in RS (the avg age of people I played with was around 25), but I dunno how it is in a much younger community like RS. ==== EDIT2: Sorry, that was the wrong category. Thnx for moving mod.
  2. GTA2 mulitplayer is cool. One guy I play with is way to good at it, which results in getting driven over every 10 seconds. Kinda annoying, but also funny as hell. :mrgreen:
  3. Ltje

    AoE2 anyone?

    AoE II rocks! I still play it every week with my friends on LAN, 4v4. Drink a bit of beer with it, watch some movie after that with a few and some girls. And, besides, 2 of the 8 people are girls. Now, thÃÆÃâÃâáts cool. It is always the best day of the week. \ We dont have that much tactics for rushing etc btw, its just getting up to imperial as fast as possible, build a good economy, and then attack with massive armies. Good thing is the low system requirements, everyone can play it, so we never have trouble finding enough people. Most of the time more then 8 want to play with us. Too bad MP is limited to 8 people..
  4. Nice idea, and its cool to see TFK around here. I used to be a really big fan of them when I was younger. Now I dont listen much to them anymore. Anyway, I think I like set it off the most though. It has some cool songs, like puppet, when in doubt, and set if off ofcourse. And Phenomenom is the best. No doubt about it.
  5. Pure Christian Black metal is a contradiction in itself. Black metal is defined by it satanic themes. However, on the other hand, there are christians who make music what sounds very much alike "normal" black metal, with the same kind of themes, allthough its has something to do with christianity. They call it mostly unblack metal themselves. The band Horde has started making christian black metal, and because they knew as well pure black metal cant be christian, they made it unblack metal. About lyrics, while 'normal' black metal talks about satanic themes in a mere 'positive' (positive in not negative) way, unblack metal talks about it in a negative way. For example, Horde has made a song what deals with the pentagram, a symbol used by satanists, and talks about it in a negative way, and names it blasphemic. And besides, christian metal (metal in a more general way, not only black) is not weird at all, they can make quite good music. And just like the normal metalscene, there are bands that suck, nothing new about that.
  6. Jagex will very probably. Every other selfrespecting MMORPG (not only WoW, but also LOTRO, LAII, EQ, etc etc) has an AH, and they all have posting fees. Simply because the AH offers you a service, and asks something in return. Very normal. Allthough other games like LOTRO have a bit too high fee. For a very rare item worth 35 gold (thats comparable to 15M RS gp), a friend of mine needed to pay a fee of 1.75gold. I wonder though what Jagex will do to prevent donating money through the AH. The alt puts up a bucket for 1m, the main buys it. Even when there is a large fee, from like 50k, quite a lot of people will use it, as its quite safe. Maybe they'll forbid all trades from the same IP? But then, dynamic IPs anyone? I wonder...
  7. Because interaction with the RS chat and PM functions is barely worth the name 'interaction'. Seriously, its crap like hell. One good RL friend of mine played RS as well, and what we could communicate with the RS chat functions is sooo much less then what you could communicate IRL. So to come back to your example (which I doubt it has any existing equivalents), that 87 scaper isnt as socially succesfull as a kid who hangs out with friends. Not at all as socially succesfull. Well, he can be succesfull if he hangs out with his friends as well, but then he is socially succesfull because he hangs out with his friend, not because he plays RS. I find the term succesfull a bit weird, but ah well, will use it to make my point more clear. :P
  8. Pretty good event. And nice hood. You look a bit like a nazgul with it.
  9. imo, i hope all 3 slap you because that kind of over-confidence will get you hurt sometime later. ill be honest i do partially lead a good life, i have a healthy body, good friends but also suffer bipole depression so my confidence isnt a strong one. because of a recent move most my friends live on the opposite side of the town i live and becomes hard to access, of course this is only temperaraly (i can never spell that word) as i am able to obtain my P1 license soon so travel wont be a hold back. personally i belive location is also a major affect on players, hardly any friends play runescape anymore and myself have grown tired of jagex's desperate attempts to keep members. regardless when i get my computer fixed up im quitting the horrible game that i've played to entertain me for 6 years and get back into my digital artwork. LOL, especially at your first remark. And its the usual topic again, people defend for themselfes they're no nerds, Reb comes with some very good and sarcastic post, and people continue to make a fool of themselfes. And I cant do anything else but laugh and agree with Reb.
  10. Uhh, I see that I was wrong now. You dont need to revamp the current HP and Def system to add a challenge. Just add more monsters. I can tell you that prayers dont work anymore when you got 15 lvl 150 mages, 15 lvl 150 rangers and 15 lvl 150 meleers on you, and that this aint soloable. To me it would be really cool if there would come a quest where you need to stand back against a whole army, that consists of a whole lot of mobs with all 3 attack styles. Something you cant take on alone, but can be done when teaming up the right way.
  11. Which in turn, would make that monster soloable... :wall: Ehh, the idea of dragon pickaxe just popped in my head. So just think a bit outside the box. agreed :D Yes, and no. A real challenge is always good. But now your acting that Jad and GWD are no challenges. It took a lot of deaths before all those good strategies were find by people. Like you said in your video, it took a LOT of tries to kill Jad with a rubber chicken, so it was a challenge. So we do already have challenges. But I DO like to see a challenge that takes multiple people, and more strategy to take it on. Although I dont think its possible yet, the HP and def system needs updating first.
  12. So I should first waist a month of my life before I can have an opinion about this? I for one can know without spending all that time that getting a cape is a total waste of time (except for the skills that offer new things at lvl 99). I have no clue at all why a should respect someone for wasting more then a month of his life, only so he can show off and brag. I'm not giving respect to anyone who thinks who can demand it. Over my dead body.
  13. Why should I respect someone who has wasted much time by grinding his way to a lvl 99 which offers nothing new except a cape to brag about anway?
  14. I somewhat partly agree with the article. The editor compares two whole different kind of genres of games, and after that comparison he concludes that graphics and realism are much less important that gameplay. While I do think that gameplay is the most important thing for any game, I dont think you cant say that because of some comparison. It simply varies way to much for each genre of styles. For example, fantasy MMORPGs dont need realism in fysics or graphics. WoW doesn't have realistic graphics, nor ultrarealistic fysics. Still, its the best selling MMORPG ever. Shooters DO need realism in fysics and graphics. Crysis has both, and its like the most anticipated game ever. If it only had good gameplay, and no good graphics/fysics, no-one would care about Crysis. So, I think that you need to compare games about their gameplay and realism only in their own genre. That would basically left us with a comparison between RS and WoW. Not that hard to imagine that WoW beats RS on the aspect of realism in both graphics and fysics. I also think that it is safe to say that the gameplay of WoW is better then RS, as WoW has much less grinding then RS. And grinding makes a BAD gameplay. It makes a game addictive, but does not give it a good gameplay, not at all. So, to sum it up, WoW beats RS on both realism and gameplay. (No big deal btw). That would left us with the conclusion that the conclusion of the Editor is wrong, as he says that RS is popular and good because of the gameplay. But we've seen that that's not the case. So there must be other reasons why RS is still popular. Cost, accessibility, addictiveness, and being easy would be a few of that. But not the good gameplay of RS. But, in the end, gameplay is what makes or breaks a game. Period.
  15. Reb for president. Can't agree more. (Although RS is too much grinding for me, even for a small bit of playing. But that's just me.) Besides, to go a bit offtopic, I DO think that this forum is a good place to 'advertize' alcohol and drugs in a good way. This place is full of young teenagers, who just are on the first stage of life of meeting such things. And when they are new to it, or don't know about it yet, it's the best to teach them the things about it what they should know. That is much better then getting those things to know 'from the street'. If you never teach a kid anything about alcohol, except that it is very bad for you, and you should never touch it, he's bound to drink a fair bit some day when his friends tell him to do so. And when you dont teach him anything, he doesnt know his limits, which will result in getting him drunk. So when you confront him with both the good and the bad sides of alcohol, its much more likely that he can make good decisions. And no, 'much more likely' is not a garantuee that it's not gonna happen.
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