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  1. Aww. Mine was "Tip.It! Tip.It good! Tip.It up! You know you should!"
  2. So what are the hot things to buy? Come on people.
  3. I just bought 130K more marrentil. 200K marrentil currently. :)
  4. marrentil are impossible to invest in now. I'm glad I put 11M in when i could :)
  5. Get a car and graduate, as well as becoming less of a pessimist.
  6. This whole "play the stock market" form of merchanting is a lot better than the last =). I like this new era. It's better.
  7. (double post, see next page, delete pls : :? )
  9. People with existing 99s need to lighten up. The game shouldn't cater to the specific people who think making millions of bows is fun. Because you know what? It isn't. At all.
  10. I really hope I win, I thought mine was quite clever.
  11. Being high level is a drag. I've done everything, I've seen everything, and if I want to get better, i have to log into Grindscape. Lvl 40-70s, enjoy it while you can. The game stinks after lvl 95. Huh, weird. It's like the opposite of WoW. >_>
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