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  1. Southern and Aussie accents are extremely hot on girls.
  2. i'm not entirely too sure about how many points it uses, however you HAVE to be wearing a saradomin symbol at the time of usage. also it only provides temporary relief.
  3. Woopi is hawt :P :mrgreen: Hah =P~ Indeed, I made a tut about it a loong time ago. I never knew you could animate in PS, so this is new to me. Thanks for taking your time though, I know how many hours you can spend on a tutorial (including uploading the pictures) \ yeah its hard work. And yup u can animate words with PS. But Flash etc enables better moveings..but the basics can be done in PS
  4. well, i had to reduce the frames by ALOT. it wasn't that choppy. if i had done 90,80,70,60,50..20,10% opacity per frame it wouldnt be choppy at all :) and this is just a tutorial. people can reduce the Amount of words and so also reducing the memory.
  5. Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Steps Step 1: Make your Completed Banner/Signature complete with Layers/Text Layers and hide ALL Text/Images that you WANT TO FADE-IN and OUT. If you do not want a certain particular Image/Text layer to flash, DO NOT HIDE IT. Step 2: Open the Animation Frames. (Window -> Animation) Step 3: Click the Duplicate Selected Frames Button inside the Animation Box 10times . The button looks like the NEW LAYER button. B) If you have 2 Words/images to fade-in and fade-out, press the Duplicate Frame Button 20times(21frames). If you have 3 words/images, then press it 30times(31frames). 1 Image/Text Layer = 11 Frames(Duplicate 10x) 2 Image/Text Layer = 21 Frames(Duplicate 20x) 3 Image/Text Layer = 31 Frames(Duplicate 30x) and so on... Step 4: Press Ctrl and click Frames 2-10(Frame 1 and 11 UnSelected), and then "Un-hide" the Text which you wish to flash FIRST. Frames 2-10 should have the words appearing while 1 and 11 are still without any Text. Step 5: Click the 2nd Frame and change the opacity to 20%, the 3rd frame to 40%, the 4th Frame to 60%, the 5th Frame to 80%. B) Skip the 6th Frame and change the 7th frame to 80%, the 8th frame to 60%, the 9th Frame to 40% and finally the 10th frame to 20%. So it should look like this(with the 1st and 11th frame untouched) 2-20%, 3-40%, 4-60%, 5-80%, 6-100%, 7-80%, 8-60%, 9-40%, 10-20%.(20,40,60,80,100,80,60,40,20) Step 6: Then for 2nd, 3rd and so on Texts, Do the Same thing from Step 3-5. Only things to note are, 1 Flashing Image/Text Layer = 11 Frames total with 1 and 11th empty. 2 Flashing Image/Text Layer = 21 Frames total with 1, 11th and 21th Frames empty. 3 Flashing Image/Text Layer = 31 Frames total with 1, 11th, 21th and 31th Frames Empty. Step 7: Hold Ctrl down and Click *ALL* the Frames(including 1, 11, 21, 31etc). It should now be ALL highlighted in Blue. Change the 0 Sec to 0.2 Second(Click the small Black arrow pointing down beside the sec). Now, everything that was highlighted will now be 0.2 Seconds(each frame). Step 8: Click File -> Save For Web. A screen shoud pop up. If everything is the way you want it to be, then click Save, and then type in the Name and place you wish to save it at. Leave the other Settings(.gif/slices) the same. then click Save. Voila! Your animated Signature is now ready and should look like this. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask me.
  6. yeah never thought about that. it should run out of charges! and the 'white' was on purpose..but done badly
  7. ** IF YOU CAN'T READ , OR DON'T HAVE TO BRAINS TO COMPREHEND THAT THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION, I SUGGEST YOU CLICK BACK NOW OR DON'T EVEN POST ** Pros: - Technically Superior to the Godsword as it is 1-handed and Extremely Fast. - Godly Strength and Slash Bonuses. - Unbelievable Accuracy - Divine Special Attack Cons: - Slightly Less Strength Bonus than that of a Godsword - Cannot be poisoned Weapon Speed:
  8. righto thanks. mod can close this now. i transfered it
  9. dont think theres a fake forum and this is not a suggestion..
  10. set requirements? AND BTW NONE OF YOU CAN READ? i said this isnt a suggestion -.-
  11. ugh i cant stress this enuff.. this is not a goddang suggestion lol. its a fake and i couldnt find a fake forum.
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