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  1. This probably crosses out converge... Do these count? Unearrh? Mastodon (i know, though you are heavily influenced by metalcore)? Rollins Band (blues metal with a classic hardcore vocalist)?
  2. Calling out to AILD, ATR and GWAR, I helped them all out! I got to see GWAR play with out their costumes and Get my friend into the show later that night. Drinking Chocolate Soy-milk while watching the dog play it flawlessly, lol.
  3. Just saw Converge monday!!! It was worth buying a Hoodie! Saw Shai Hulud earlier this year! Shouting out from the town of Drowningman, Romans, and a bunch of underground bands! For Shai Hulud Fans check out Alive and Well!
  4. A prime example of why I hate metal. Instrument wise I love that song. But the singing just destroyed it. Same with Metallica, great instruments, awful awful singer. (I get flamed everywhere for this, but I swear I'm not alone) Serpents Rise, check them out!
  5. IWRESTLEDABEARONCE? Mastodon? I helped BTBAM out!
  6. Shadows Fall (I know you have heard of them), Black Tide (Big in the drumming world), Clutch? Down? Crowbar?
  7. guss

    2012 (2009)

    Me? I swear ill watch it at least friday in 3 years!
  8. Ty, as an american who hates what we call football (then again most other sports too...), I was about to spam it! I was in Tanzania During Football season so... Go Tanzania!!!
  9. guss

    2012 (2009)

    Give me 3 years then ill watch it!!
  10. guss


    My best lyrics/ poetry usually comes from a catchy line i have in my head... then I wright that down... later think about it again when I have a good fitting line that can add on to my first line, at that point I'm usually in the food court at the mall with some kind of food to preoccupy my self and distract security (hehe, until braces came... It was apples!!!)... Note: my malls food court is so empty they have music playing, I usually listen to that or something on my Ipod and My latest best pieces were written on a legal pad, I always have at least one around!
  11. guss


    I have 3 top play list: One is basically love songs from one of each artist: Crabby Appleton Edgar winter group Nick Lowe Norman Greenbaum Animals Rod Stewart Toto One basically hardcore, with my favorites from each of these artist: Agnostic Front Gallows Leather mouth Minor Threat Ten Yard fight Unearth The third...: ska: Reel Big Fish Mighty Mighty Bostones Leftovercrack Anti-flag Rock: John cougar Mellencamp Punk: Smartbomb Rap: Beastie Boys: Sabotage!!! Unearth Minor threat and hatebreed
  12. I couldn't remember any classics so... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5iCVytIbmk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf9muJjmI2g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygBiRbIusuc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_Xzsa7gI9A&feature=response_watch
  13. Wow, and i just got a urge to finally get into Disco! Blondie did do a disco song!
  14. I'm a 35 year old trapped in an *18* YO's body, that acts like a 12 year old, usually in both both rs and real.
  15. guss


    My school's newspaper just had an issue come out. You are saying to your self, what does this have to do with fashion? Well Colored Denim (skinny black jeans/ and camo shorts???) Leather (My jacket) and Funky Leggings our "popular" in our school! But leggings as pants, shorts with legging are bad and Crocs must be terrible! So besides wearing leggings with shorts and Crocs, what should I do? Im thinking of wearing plaid shirts in stead of my jacket.
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